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2009 Edit

Facebook Edit

Justin Bieber - This is very cool. I might have to make a video beatboxing also....what do you think?

Justin Bieber - Here it video for "ONE TIME"...spread the word and post it on your facebook and myspace pages. THANKS SO MUCH for making a dream come true. From youtube in my living room to a video with Usher. You guys did this for me. Thank you

Justin Bieber - Everyone go to Ryan Seacrest page and check me singing "ONE TIME" accapella. Then message Ryan to bring me back on the show...haha. Request ONE TIME at your local radio station and with Ryan. Thanks

Justin Bieber - Here is the video of me singing on Ryan Seacrest. "ONE TIME" TELL YOUR FRIENDS to Join

Justin Bieber - Here it is..."ONE TIME" the video!!! Request it on your local radio station. Thank you for making a dream come true

Justin Bieber - haha...this is great...everyone make your own dance videos for ONE TIME and post them here. Let's see who can make the best dance.

Justin Bieber - Have you posted the video on your page yet? Spread the word. Thank you so much

Justin Bieber - watch all my videos including my video for "ONE TIME" on my youtube page...

Twitter Edit

"Check out the premiere of my video "One Time" and request it at your local radio station-->" 3:31 PM (Eastern Time (US & Canada))

IjustdomySMOOVE "@yezir wussup bro? So everything is about to start circulating. I know you're ready. Stay grounded." 3:45 PM

thatrygood "@yezir hope you have matching sox on today for that security step thru. lol" 6:22 PM

"Im off to NYC, check out my new music video one time at" 7:47 PM