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Twitter Edit

MyNameIsRaph "interviewing @justinbieber tomorrow...Usher's prodigy! What should I ask him? LISTEN 2 HIS SINGLE #musicmonday" 1:25 PM (Eastern Time (US & Canada))

carinmorris "@perezhilton You HAVE to post this video on your website- JUSTIN BIEBER "One Time". This kid is a superstar" 3:53 PM

carinmorris "@aplusk You have to watch this kid,he is unbelievable, He is living here in Atlanta, signed to @UsherRaymondIV" 3:57 PM

carinmorris "@mileycyrus - check out Justin Bieber! He should open for you on your tour..he is amazing!!!" 3:59 PM

carinmorris "@theellenshow you have to have Justin Bieber on your show. His video is #1 in the COUNTRY he is incredible." 4:02 PM

carinmorris "@UsherRaymondIV Justin Bieber has arrived!!" 4:04 PM

carinmorris "" 4:05 PM

carinmorris "@mrskutcher please RT's the next superstar.I'm sure you're girls will love him.Signed to @UsherRaymondIV" 4:07 PM

carinmorris "@oprah have you heard of Justin Bieber? you have to have him on your show. PRODIGY! signed to @UsherRaymondIV" 4:10 PM

carinmorris "@GiulianaRancic have you heard of Justin Bieber? signed to @UsherRaymondIV, unreal you have to interview him" 4:14 PM

"driving through a big rain storm" 6:47 PM

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