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2013 Edit

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2009 Edit

  • Justin Bieber visits radio stations and goes to Il Mulino, an Italian restaurant. [1]
  • Justin gets interviewed by Jabari.

Facebook Edit

Justin Bieber - Who made the best cover of ONE TIME? Who made the best dance video of ONE TIME? Post them here...thanks

Justin Bieber - We are doing performances like this all around the USA and soon the world. Call your local radio station and request ONE TIME and tell them to bring me to your city. Hope to meet you soon. Thanks for the support.

Justin Bieber - WOW!!! My Video for ONE TIME is the Most Popular Music Video in the World Right now as featured on the homepage of Go look. This is all because of you guys. Thank you so much. Request it at your local radio station so I can come to your city. Thanks so MUCH!!!

Justin Bieber - Anyone going to show up at some of the radio stations to say hello to me? Request ONE TIME and tell your local radio stations to bring me to your city so I can perform for you. Thanks so much. Also post some ONE TIME performances by you and your friends

Twitter Edit

scooterbraun "@justinbieber video for ONE TIME became the #1 video in the World on Youtube over the weekend-->" 6:44 AM (Eastern Time (US & Canada))

"im at WKSE in Buffalo...500 corporate the hotline 716-843-0136 tell them you wanna hear ONE TIME!" 7:31 AM

"headed to DC in a little while. never seen the white house, should be cool" 7:55 AM

thatrygood "that @justinbieber is in the streets doin big things right now" 9:33 AM

"Hangin out at XM...listen for ONE TIME and me on 20!" 6:02 PM

"Go online and tell them you wanna hear ONE 20 on 20!" 6:12 PM

Jabari "@justinbieber How long are you in DC man? Want to interview you while you are here, who to contact?" 6:15 PM

"I'm in this fancy restaurant, the waiter just kindly asked me to "please take off your hat". So now I'm sitting here in public w messy hair." 7:31 PM

MikeRadio "With @justinbieber who can't where a hat at this fancy restaurant. Props to def jam!!" 8:51 PM

Jabari "Bout to go knock an interview out...i'll tell yall who in a lil hint...not hip-hop but they are THE FUTURE!" 10:30 PM

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