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2009 Edit

  • Justin Bieber visits radio stations and goes to Il Mulino, an Italian restaurant. [1] He also has an interview with Jabari.

Twitter Edit

scooterbraun "@justinbieber video for ONE TIME became the #1 video in the World on Youtube over the weekend-->" 6:44 AM (Eastern Time (US & Canada))

"im at WKSE in Buffalo...500 corporate the hotline 716-843-0136 tell them you wanna hear ONE TIME!" 7:31 AM

"headed to DC in a little while. never seen the white house, should be cool" 7:55 AM

thatrygood "that @justinbieber is in the streets doin big things right now" 9:33 AM

"Hangin out at XM...listen for ONE TIME and me on 20!" 6:02 PM

"Go online and tell them you wanna hear ONE 20 on 20!" 6:12 PM

Jabari "@justinbieber How long are you in DC man? Want to interview you while you are here, who to contact?" 6:15 PM

"I'm in this fancy restaurant, the waiter just kindly asked me to "please take off your hat". So now I'm sitting here in public w messy hair." 7:31 PM

MikeRadio "With @justinbieber who can't where a hat at this fancy restaurant. Props to def jam!!" 8:51 PM

Jabari "Bout to go knock an interview out...i'll tell yall who in a lil hint...not hip-hop but they are THE FUTURE!" 10:30 PM

References Edit

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