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2009 Edit

  • Justin Bieber on The Kane Show on Hot 99.5 in Washington D.C.
  • Justin Bieber on The Brooksie Show on Q102 in Philadelphia, PA.

Twitter Edit

Jabari "Can yall guess who I just interviewed? Not a hip hop artist. Definitely the next big thing. And just signed by Usher <---giveaway" 12:01 AM (Eastern Time (US & Canada))

MikeRadio "Dinner Talk with Island Def Jam, some other people and @justinbieber" 2:12 AM

"about to go hang out with Kane live on Hot 99.5 in DC! call in and request ONE TIME!" 8:06 AM

"8779954681 is the hotline...not the other one my bad" 9:08 AM

"please call 8779954681" 9:10 AM

"8779954681 is the Hotline! call in! ONE TIME" 9:15 AM

"having fun chatting with Usher on The Kane Show playing ONE TIME now! couldn't do it without you guys!" 9:16 AM

"8779954681 keep calling! thanks guys!" 9:17 AM

"the kane show was awesome. thanks to everybody who showed up to the station. love you guys!" 9:58 AM

"Q102! i'm in Philly! call in for ONE TIME!" 1:10 PM

JeffDauler "Bert just confirmed Usher in studio on Monday. Bringing in a new artist named Justin Bieber. What else should we talk to him about?" 1:27 PM

"Asher Roth just called in to Q102 in Philly to support me!!! I kill him in guitar hero." 1:58 PM

"I will be on Q102 in Philly today at 3:40 with Asher Roth...listen here and call in for ONE TIME.." 3:15 PM

KennyHamilton "RT @yezir: Make a video of urself or u and your friends sing or dancing to my single one time" 3:28 PM

KennyHamilton "@yezir Yooooooo what up lil bro?" 3:28 PM

"@alexaherrera @mafelovesnick Im happy to answer you guys. Thanks for support! Make sure you listen online at Q102 in Philadelphia in 5 min" 3:36 PM

"ONE TIME is on Q102 in PHILLY RIGHT NOW!!! Me and Asher Roth are on Next... call in 215 263 1021 or text Q1021" 3:47 PM

KennyHamilton "The number one video in the world on Youtube is Justin Bieber's video for his single "One Time" check it out, its on the front page!" 3:48 PM

JoeyBrooks "@justinbieber You sounded great today my man! Thanks for hanging out on the show!" 3:52 PM

"Go to to watch me and Asher Roth on q102 in philly today...also vote LOVE IT for ONE TIME. Thanks" 3:58 PM

"Make a video of u or your friends singing or dancing to my single ONE TIME, and post it to my official video on youtube and my facebook!!" 6:02 PM

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