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Twitter Edit

JessicaHepworth "@justinbieber On twitter, you said you were single, but on facebook it says you're in a relationship. On FB is 'Justin Drew Bieber' you?" 10:48 AM (Eastern Time (US & Canada))

"my only FACEBOOK is All other accounts are fake. spread the word. Justin Drew Bieber is not me" 10:53 AM

"In ATLANTA...this Monday morning the 22nd at 8 and USHER at the BERT SHOW Q100 building. Live in the studio. Come meet us! BE THERE!" 11:01 AM

jdubontheradio "Big Week for HOT 101.... Island Def Jam Recording Artist Justin Bieber will be live in studio on Thursday." 11:32 AM

BertShowBert "Usher in studio tomorrow morning with his protege @justinbieber. 8:15 Monday morning." 12:47 PM

wendyradio "Usher & his protege @justinbieber in studio Monday morning @ 8:15! Don't miss it! =)" 12:53 PM

@DJYoungstar651 "In the Truck right now with Tim, Berta & the Pop's on the way back to Minnesota from Kansas. Show yesterday W/Justin Beiber was Crazy! New p" 3:15 PM (Central Time (US & Canada))

"Q100 live morning show 8am in Atlanta Monday a.m." 9:16 PM

"In ATLANTA...2morrow..Monday morning the 22nd at 8 and USHER at the BERT SHOW Q100 building LIVE. Come meet us! BE THERE!" 10:22 PM


Instagram Edit

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