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@KennyHamilton "@scooterbraun I take it you missed all my phonecalls eh? I took lil man to watch Notorious yday" 11:15 PM (Eastern Time (US & Canada))


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"had a great morning in ATL at the radio stations. I have grown and I am now officially taller than @BERTQ100 . I can die happy now. haha" 12:28 PM (Eastern Time (US & Canada))

"UK fans- MY WORLD needs some love on ITUNES to take back the #1 spot. we r #4 in the stores and #2 on ITUNES. thank u for all your support" 12:33 PM

"RT @xjmyy @justinbieber YOURE WELCOME== THANK YAH :)" 12:38 PM

"RT @Evaxlovee keeep wishing that @justinbieber would see my tweets. == But I do. I try to read as many as i can. thank u for the love" 12:50 PM

"RT LAST DAY to VOTE on FACEBOOK!! Help the children of HAITI with @pencilsofpromis by taking 10 seconds to VOTE!!" 12:41 PM

"Hanging out with my bro @liltwist.YEAUUUUUP. follow him" 2:56 PM

@NasriWorld "im in atl at the studio with @justinbieber the boy can sing!!! Great day!!" 5:25 PM

"thanks to everyone who is doing what they can to support those in need in HAITI" 11:05 PM

"recorded a really amazing record tonight for MY WORLD part 2. very excited" 11:06 PM

"every1 this weekend let's try and get BABY to #1 on ITUNES!! would b my first #1 and a dream come true. sorry @taylorswift13 i gotta try ;)" 11:10 PM