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2010 Edit

Twitter Edit

NasriWorld "just got back from ATL!! Justin bieber sessions were awesome!! Cant wait till the world gets to hear the magic!! Goodnight...." 4:20 AM (Eastern Time (US & Canada))

"new week. just finishing up school for the day. rehearsal and studio tonight. MY WORLD 2.0 on the way" 12:25 PM

"wonder what CHUCK NORRIS was like at school..he didnt read books he just stared them down until they gave him the information he needed. lol" 12:39 PM

ITSSEANK "Me and @justinbieber at the studio" 8:46 PM

"got with my new band today..killer. excited for touring. drummer is nuts" 10:02 PM

"now at the studio working on the new songs. think you guys are going to be happy" 10:02 PM

"thanks @perezhilton for the post. BIEBERFEVER!! u guys like the pics??" 10:05 PM

"@wilsonwarren is ridiculous. write on his page how ridiculous he is. In fact write the lyrics to BABY all over his page. haha" 10:23 PM

"HOLY CRAP BATMAN!!! MTV has confirmed that CHUCK NORRIS is a BEAST-" 10:27 PM

2009 Edit

Twitter Edit

KennyHamilton "@JeffDauler Check this out! I will be bringing him to you soon!" 1:54 PM (Eastern Time (US & Canada))

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