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Twitter Edit

@kennyhamilton "I'm so tired, getting up to take a flight to Germany in the morning, gotta get some rest!" 12:08 AM (France)

@kennyhamilton "Congrats to @JustinBieber for selling 137k records in his 1st week in the US & also beating John Mayer in Canada w/ the #1 album!" 6:07 AM

"I was shocked by the love in france yesterday. U guys knew all the words and the album isn't out there yet. Youtube!!" 12:24 PM (France/Germany)

"Just landed in Berlin. My foot is killing me. Happy Thanksgiving to my Americans. We need to find some turkey for @scooterbraun" 1:05 PM (Germany)

@scooterbraun "hey @justinbieber ....just got the call. your debut album went #1 ALBUM in CANADA!!! congrats you deserve it. NOW RT!!" 1:49 PM

"HOLY CRAP...just found out MY WORLD went #1 in Canada and was the biggest release of the year for a NEW ARTIST in the US!!! THANK U so much!" 1:52 PM

@scooterbraun "and @justinbieber 's album MY WORLD was the biggest debut of 2009 for a NEW ARTIST in the USA!! haha. kid is 15 and killin it." 1:55 PM

@scooterbraun "there is more. ALL 7 songs on @justinbieber 's debut MY WORLD have charted on the BILLBOARD HOT 100. ALL 7!! That is HISTORY!!!" 2:08 PM

@thatrygood "not a bad thanksgiving in berlin! thanks to my extended famiy for making it a great memory...miss my mama though" 2:52 PM

"about to be on VIVA LIVE here in Germany in 15 min. Gonna perform ONE LESS LONELY GIRL" 3:16 PM

"just got off of viva live in Berlin Germany... About to do an interview..!!" 3:50 PM

"Quote of the day from one of my German Fans: "Your hair reminds me of BRUNO" -said to Dan my guitar player..hahahahaha. She got u dan!!" 4:15 PM

@MatrixMel "Max_Apollo @JB sold 137,872 units 1st week ... Mind you, this was an EP ... 7 songs! Props to @ScooterBraun @ThatRyGood @Jeannaho @MatrixMel" 6:24 PM

"Thanksgiving dinner in Berlin with the boys @scooterbraun @thatrygood @kennyhamilton @dankanter and @mikealexander . Thankful 2 all of u!!" 8:05 PM

@dankanter "@jjjjc Happy we brought you backstage to meet JB! See you next time in Manchester!" 10:52 PM

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