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2010 Edit

  • Justin Bieber performs at the BET SOS Saving Ourselves "Help for Haiti" benefit concert and telethon at AmericanAirlines Arena in Miami, Florida.

Twitter Edit

"Last night was great. Up early now and time for CBS early show on South Beach on 10th and 0cean!" 5:37 AM (Eastern Time (US & Canada))

"Cbs early show was one of my favorite shows ever. Had a jam session for the fans after the show with my band and it was crazy!!" 10:59 AM

"Chuck Norris just called me. He bought BaBY again on Itunes. Beast" 11:00 AM

"PEPSI SMASH last night" 3:02 PM

"RT @BieberExpert i know you're really famous & busy but i really adore that you always have time for your fans♥ WE LOVE U! = ALways. Luv u 2" 3:33 PM

"Just arrived at America Airlines arena here in Miami to practice for 2nite's show for Haiti on BeT, MTV and VH1. Watch and if in Miami come" 5:30 PM

"Answering phones for the SOS Help for Haiti Benefit right now on BET, VH1, and MTV. Please support. I will be performing soon" 8:22 PM

"Just found out about Save haiti saturday 2morrow at NOLA Ice in LA. proceeds go to Project Medishare for Haiti. My LA people please support" 8:25 PM

2009 Edit

Twitter Edit

studiomama "Watching To Kill a Mockingbird with Justin" 1:18 PM (Eastern Time (US & Canada))

studiomama "Singing lessons.. Then hockey.. Go go go" 2:25 PM

KennyHamilton "@yezir lol. You silly man!" 3:55 PM