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Justin Bieber - All this is because of you guys...thanks so much. 1 more day until ONE TIME on ITUNES!!

Justin Bieber - Everyone please make your own commercials about ONE TIME coming out tomorrow and telling people to buy it and make it #1! then post them everywhere!! lol. Thanks to Cassandra for her video below. Let me see yours. Thanks

Justin Bieber - Here is the ONE TIME acoustic version by request. ONE TIME comes out on ITUNES TOMORROW!!! spread the word

Justin Bieber -

Justin Bieber - TOMORROW!!!

Justin Bieber - with USHER!!!

Justin Bieber - thanks sarah

Justin Bieber -

Justin Bieber - Post your videos like these here and all over the place and help spread the word. You guys are amazing!!! Thanks

Justin Bieber -

Justin Bieber -

Justin Bieber -

Justin Bieber - This was me at 12 in the first time I ever sang in public. No one knew I could sing but they knew I sang around the house and played instruments. I entered this competition called Stratford Star and then my mom posted the vids so my family could see. You guys started watching and then Scooter Braun found me and the rest is history. Bottom line is you guys made this happen for me....THANK YOU

Justin Bieber - This is when Usher performed with Michael Jackson...pretty great stuff

Justin Bieber - This is one of the coolest dancers I have ever seen. You gotta watch this.

Justin Bieber - Less than 24 hours until ONE TIME the single hits excited

Justin Bieber - Hey guys...we are 1500 fans away from 100,000 fans on here. that is amazing. spread the word and let's see if we can get 100,000 fans on here before ONE TIME hits ITUNES tomorrow. Thanks....spread the word

Justin Bieber - JUST 1 DAY...TOMORROW...TUESDAY...JULY 7th...ONE TIME the single hits ITUNES!!! Spread the word and let's make it #1!!! Also gonna be at MUCH ON DEMAND in TORONTO on WED JULY 8th. I will come outside and meet everyone. Thanks for making a dream come true

Justin Bieber - For request by Rebecca...thanks for the support. Love all you guys for you help.

Justin Bieber -

Justin Bieber - i like this video...they played the music too loud.  :)

Justin Bieber - this kid is the man

Justin Bieber - this is by request for dakota...thanks

Justin Bieber - I wrote this song Where Are You Now...this is me at my church the week before I left to move to Atlanta to go after my dream. Thank you for all the support. This song means alot of me

Justin Bieber -

Justin Bieber - Almost there. ONE TIME on ITUNES soon...july 7th...spread the word

Justin Bieber - thanks torie...get ONE TIME on ITUNES...spread the word and lets make it it 10 times!! lol

Justin Bieber - ONE TIME is out on ITUNES....spread the it 10 times...make it #1!! THanks so much. Love you guys

Twitter Edit

WFBC "just announced: another B93.7 Just Show Up Show! @wethekings AND @justinbieber july 28th in Easley @ Big League World Series..RT this!" 9:29 AM (Pacific Time (US & Canada))

"TOMORROW...Tuesday at 6:30pm I'll be performing at Alice Cooper's Town at 101 E. Jackson St. in Phoenix, AZ 85004...come on out PHOENIX!!!" 9:38 AM

TweetsByDino "info on B93.7's Just Show Up Show (free concert) w/We the Kings &Justin Bieber on my blog" 12:00 PM

sakpase365 "In the studio with @r_city and @rocityvi workn on this crazy record for justin bieber.... " 2:14 PM

DJYoungstar651 "Show Tomorrow W/ Justin Bieber In Phoenix, AZ!!! See you tomorrow PHOENIX !!!! (=" 8:35 PM