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  • Justin Bieber performs for 104.7 KISS FM at Cooperstown in Phoenix, AZ.

Twitter Edit

KennyHamilton "Its July 7th @JustinBieber 's single "One Time" is on ITUNES now! GO GET IT! Tell a friend, spread the word! Justin Bieber mania has begun!" 12:02 AM (Eastern Time (US & Canada))

"ONE TIME is on ITUNES RIGHT NOW!! Buy it 20 times and lets make it #1!! lol. This is amazing. From a small town to this. THANK YOU SO MUCH" 12:37 AM

thatrygood "go get @justinbieber 's single One Time on itunes now! kid is a beast. let's gooooo" 1:07 AM

thedirtyswift "Shout out to my fellow Canadian Justin Bieber @ casa mafia, just finished some last minute vocals for his debut album" 2:26 AM

@carinmorris "If you wanna buy me an early birthday present download @justinbieber - "ONE TIME" on ITUNES now and again tomorrow for my real bday :)" 8:57 AM

"on my way to phoenix! alice cooper's town at 6:30 live! One Time is on itunes! lets get it" 10:20 AM

"6:30pm at alice cooper's town. be there! if u have a really creative bieber poster i just may pick u for a meet n greet. one time on itunes!" 12:10 PM

DJYoungstar651 "Show today In AZ W/ Justin Bieber! here we come Phoenix!!!!" 12:28 PM

""One Time" is now on iTunes...Get it @-->" 12:41 PM

KISSFMPhoenix "PLUS!!!!!! Tonight join us at Cooperstown from 5-8 b4 the Beyonce show to get tix in a suite and perf. from Justin Bieber singing "One Time"" 2:41 PM (Pacific Time (US & Canada))

KISSFMPhoenix Justin Bieber just left the studio....and getting ready to head to Cooperstown for our pre-party before the Beyonce concert! 3:26 PM

thatrygood "shout to @justinbieber gettin screams in phoenix heat" 5:44 PM

LiLmolinaa @justinbieber I just saw you at Alice Cooper!! :) You where skate bording right behind us after the show... then hopped into your car... 8:27 PM

"Thank you Pheonix for a great night. On my way home to Canada to Toronto for Much Music on Demand tomorrow at 5pm. Who is coming???" 8:36 PM

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