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2009 Edit

Twitter Edit

JackieBoyz "Damn jus checked out my boy Justin Beiber so happy for him get his album when it comes out we wrote on that" 2:42 AM (Eastern Time (US & Canada))

"@boomitskim actually i do respond...I just can't to everyone. I try the best I can and I hit people back on facebook too. Gotcha" 2:43 AM

"@Canada_tweets my video contest is for Canada too. that was a mistake and i got it fixed. thanks" 2:44 AM

"See everyone at Much Music in Toronto tomorrow. Im excited to be home. In Canada all this week then back to LA. Get ONE TIME on ITUNES NOW!" 2:46 AM

"my single ONE TIME is now on ITUNES...spread the word and let's make it #1!!! JUST LANDED IN MUCH ON DEMAND Today at 5pm!!" 9:45 AM

Much "What the!! People lined up already for Justin Bieber. Draco Malfoy will be on MOD today too (and signing autographs across the street, shh)" 11:57 AM

"Justin Bieber ... live at the Vervegirl/B-ZONE offices - being interviewed by Kim!" 12:33 PM

tvpappy "In between interviewing Justin Bieber and Tom Felton (Drako Malfoy). Gathering Felton info for the interview..." 2:54 PM

StratfordON "RT @davidglitter: On way to @muchmusic to see Justin Bieber!Ushers new prodigy & he's from Stratford!Photoshoot & interview w/him this week!" 4:04 PM

Much "Bieber Fever has hit #MOD! Tell us your favourite thing about @justinbieber and get ready to start screaming!" 4:23 PM

thatrygood shout to @justinbieber kid just rocked a sing a long out front of much music in toronto canada" 6:34 PM

"MOD in Toronto was insane! Thanks for everyone who came. Wish I could have stayed longer but the police made me leave.ONE TIME is on ITUNES" 6:57 PM

"Oh is a video from Phoenix yesterday - exclusive...share it with friends. Thanks -" 6:57 PM

partygoofer "@justinbieber you seemed really sweet at MOD, but there's rumors going around, saying that you changed and that your snobby, is that true?" 6:23 PM

↳ "@partygoofer no people are always going to say stuff like that. I know that without support I have no chance at my dream. I am very grateful" 7:00 PM

KennyHamilton "I just bought @JustinBieber's single "One Time" on Itunes! Have you yet??? Do it NOW!!" 8:34 PM


KISSFMPhoenix "Check out pictures of Justin Bieber hanging with us and performing at Cooperstown yesterday before the Beyonce Show.." 9:27 PM

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