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2009 Edit

Twitter Edit

"this was amazing" 12:01 AM (Eastern Time (US & Canada))

"Justin Bieber is not a game...this shit is this...spread the word." 12:01 AM (Eastern Time (US & Canada))

915theBeat "Justin Bieber will be live in the BEAT studios around 4:15 this afternoon with Mike Devine. Listen live at" 9:47 AM

"on my way to Virgin Radio! call in and request ONE TIME Toronto!" 11:14 AM

"4168729999 is the request line. call for One Time!...and me! lol" 11:26 AM

"4168701045 chum fm! lovin being here in canada...go leafs! lol" 11:52 AM

"i need moms to call 4168701045 everybody is showing so much love. awesome" 12:03 PM

"i love matter what hockey team youre a fan of! lol...i love brazil too fyi" 12:09 PM

"@andreahunniford yes i will be at the beat in kitchener today" 12:12 PM

"still havent hit up t horton's yet...i will though. believe it!" 12:23 PM

"@sprinkles06 oh i know all about the double caps are the real deal though" 12:30 PM

"at am640 now" 12:35 PM

Much "It's Bieber Fevah, betches - photos and video from Justin Bieber on MOD yesterday:" 12:43 PM

KiSS925 "We just confirmed that 15 yr old singing senstation Justin Bieber will be in studio to host the Top 3 @ 7!! Listen @" 1:14 PM

"headed to Z103!" 2:37 PM

1045CHUMFM "Howdy pardners! Richie here, been a crazy day already talking to Justin Bieber fans. He put our digits on his Twitter page while he was here" 2:37 PM

"@gabbymac1 i'll be live on z103...4167981035" 2:43 PM

"91.5 the beat kitchener!!!!" 3:18 PM

"91.5 the beat kitchener!!!! on my way!! Call and request One Time!" 3:36 PM

"91.5 The Beat Kitchener almost here! Call 519-571-2328 and request One Time." 4:11 PM

KidCraig "Join me for my interview with Justin Bieber tonight at 7 on KiSS 925 Toronto." 4:26 PM

"Thx to all my fans who came out to support me! At t hortons! Yea!" 5:44 PM

"I just watched this video. I still cant believe it. Thank you all so much -" 10:57 PM

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