BBC Radio 1 is a British radio station operated by the British Broadcasting Corporation which also broadcasts internationally, specialising in modern and current popular music and chart hits throughout the day.

2009 Edit

Justin Bieber came on Switch with Annie Mac and Nick Grimshaw and chatted about celeb crush Beyoncé, his perfect girl and how he does his hair.

2010 Edit

March 21 Edit

The 16 year-old Canadian megastar swung by for a chat with Reggie. He answered several questions.

December 2 Edit

He had an interview and he told he looked up to Michael Jackson. He also wants fans from young to old. Justin does his hair every morning just by shaking it. And he had more than 6 million followers on twitter but Lady Gaga had 1 million more. Justin also did a British accent.

Justin Bieber chats to Fearne Cotton20:54

Justin Bieber chats to Fearne Cotton

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