Bieber Fever is a super-obsession of Justin Bieber.

You have Bieber Fever if you have one or more of the following symptoms:

  • Your heart melts when you see his smile.
  • Your heart flutters when you hear him sing.
  • You think to yourself, "Aww he is the definition of innocence and perfection, he must be an angel."
  • You know the words to at least one of his songs.
  • You find yourself dancing to his music with people around or not.
  • You watch YouTube videos of him all day long.
  • You own his albums.
  • You buy (or try to buy) tickets to his concert.
  • You have given him a nickname, such as JB, puppy, daddy or whatever else you have creatively come up with.
  • You cry because you want to meet him.
  • You think you and him are meant to be (aka marriage)

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