Bizzle is Justin's rap name or nickname. He used to hang around with some rappers and someone called him Bizzle. The name got famous around February 8, 2014. The jester is Bizzle's logo and he also got it tattooed. Bizzle was known for hIs swaggy style, oversized shirts, snapbacks, low pants, and his amazing haircuts like The Quiff which he highkey needs to bring back.

People loved Bizzle because of his "idgaf" attitude. He sometimes did drugs, but never anything that was way too serious and even though he was going through a bitch phase his love for Beliebers never changed. Because of his attitude a lot of fans stopped supporting him and only the real Beliebers who actually respected him stayed.

Afterward in 2015 when he released his Purpose album, which was filled with mostly EDM type of music, people started listening to that more which lead him to his first number 1 song with "What Do You Mean"! Since his EDM music was doing really well, he stopped making RnB music, which most of his beliebers and stans preferred. It was in 2015 when he made a big comeback and his fanbase started to grow, that's what lead him to stop taking pictures with fans because they didn't care about him, they just wanted a picture with "The Justin Bieber".

Most of Bizzle's music is unreleased, there's the Journals album, his music style was R&B, Hip Hop and Acoustic stuff, more Bizzle unreleased songs keep on getting leaked each year, which is a good thing since it's amazing.

Bizzle unreleased popular songs: Turn Up, Supermodel, Infectious, Playtime, Time For Bed & Inspire album Which for some headass reason his team didnt release.

Bizzle "died" on 12 May 2015 but will come to life again mark my word hoes.

He even renamed his social media name but later changed back to his original name.

  • Soundcloud: sirbizzle
  • Shots: bizzle

Gallery Edit

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