Bkstg (backstage) is an app that was first named Fahlo. It has the same idea as Fahlo, it also works with adding friends and has a store.

Description Edit

Get closer to the Musicians you love. Watch, listen and interact with their entourage and other fans.

How does Bkstg get you closer to the artists you love?

• Artists, their entourage, and guest correspondents have unique access to post real time content, photos, and videos.
• Exclusive backstage content, merch, tickets, meet and greets, and more.
• Get noticed and rewarded by your Artists with in-app loyalty levels.
• Search nearby and trending hashtags to get in on the conversations with like-minded fans.

Get access. Get noticed. Get closer. Bkstg.

Store Edit

Badges Edit

Bkstg badge

Justin Bieber

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