On 23 September 2010 Justin appeared in an episode of American crime series CSI. He played the part of Jason McCann, a teenager with a bad streak in the season premiere. It was a big deal for Justin and he loved being on the set and wearing an orange jumpsuit. He tweeted a picture of a man leading him away with the caption: "... and I told you I was a BAD MAN!!"[1] Carol Mendelsohn, the CSI executive producer, told MTV: "I thought that he did a really good job. We only had Justin for a day, for ten-and-a-half hours,and he had a lot of work crammed into those 10 and a half hours." Justin did so well that he was asked whether he would like to be in another episode in February 2011. Justin jumped at the chance!

Trivia Edit

  • When Justin appeared on CSI, the number of views raised by 14.6 million.

Continuity errors Edit

In the second episode he plays, he has no gun in his hand when he gets shot but the next scene he's holding it.

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