"Coincidence" is an unreleased song by Justin Bieber & Cody Simpson from their unreleased collaboration album JB x CS. The track was played at a club (17 Hanover Square, Mayfair) in London, United Kingdom on August 19, 2016. On august 28th, Cody Simpson confirmed he's on the song by posting 2 snippets of the song on his snapchat with the caption "Coincidence", there's no exact release date, but Cody did mention in a recent interview that when he goes back to LA, he's going to finish the album that him and Justin were working on back in 2014.

Unreleased Rares leaked a snippet of the song on January the 20th of 2018.

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Snippets Edit (snippet fan took in the club) (snapchat snippets)

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Justin Bieber
Ain't no such thing
As coincidence
Ain't no such thing

Never had a place in my heart
Couldn't call it your own
Ain't no coincidence
I ran into you
on the other side of the world today
It's one in a billion
Looking at the TV
and I ran across your face
Oh what a feeling
What's the odds of us being from the same place
It's the chance of us while having the same text
Ain't no such thing

Cody Simpson
Never known my eyes could be so red
Never had a night when I didn't toss and turn in my bed

... speak a word at the same time
Are you in my head?
Ain't no coincidence

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