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Justin Bieber sat down for an exclusive interview at the Elvis Duran Morning Show at Z100 Studio on November 17. They were talking about a Selena Gomez thing he said in 2009.

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Garrett: Alright everybody Garrett hanging out, Justin Bieber.

Justin Bieber: Right here yeah. Justin Bieber.

Garrett: Bieber. Um, I can call you a sensation I guess.

Justin Bieber: I guess if you want to or you…

Garrett: A YouTube sensation.

Justin Bieber: Or you can call me Justin.

Garrett: Or Justin.

Justin Bieber: Yeah.

Garrett: Middle name's sensation, let's work on that.

Justin Bieber: Okay.

Garrett: Alright so Justin you're kinda blowing up right now.

Justin Bieber: Yeah.

Garrett: In the musical world.

Justin Bieber: Yeah.

Garrett: Not like you know weight or anything but the good stuff.

Justin Bieber: Yeah.

Garret: Um, so let's turn back to when you first started. So you've been, you put up your first video of your performance, you know so your family could see.

Justin Bieber: Yeah.

Garrett: Uh, when was that?

Justin Bieber: Um those are about three years ago.

Garrett: Three years ago.

Justin Bieber: Yeah.

Garrett: And then after you put up that video, what happened?

Justin Bieber: Um, just basically kinda blew up on YouTube. Um kinda, I just kept posting more videos and more videos after it like, I started reaching a couple thousand. I was like man that's amazing and then I hit a million, I was like man that's incredible. So I started posting more videos and more videos. Then I got discovered by my manager, Scooter Braun who flew me out to Atlanta where I got to meet Usher and I got to sing for him and stuff and he wanted to sign me but a week later I also had a meeting with Justin Timberlake who also wanted to sign me.

Garrett: So you have Justin Timberlake and Usher fighting over you.

Justin Bieber: Pretty much.

Garrett: What did that feel like?

Justin Bieber: It was definitely an amazing experience. I mean I really couldn't have went wrong either way.

Garrett: Alright I think either way you're gonna make it big anyways so I think you proved right but so let's talk about your manager. He found you just like straight off YouTube, right?

Justin Bieber: Yeah, just contacted my family and uh yeah.

Garrett: Was he looking for like piano cat and he became you know.

Justin Bieber: No he was actually. He was just doing some work for uh. he was actually doing something with Akon. An artist of Akon's. He was looking at him and he was watching a "Respect" video that he did and it was really bad quality, like the quality, the picture quality. So he wanted to get it. He thought it was him in a diferent angle so he watched the video and it was my video, seeing "Respect" and he was like dang and then he started watching more videos and kind of just was like yeah I need to find this kid. He wasn't just searching little boys on the internet.

Garrett: [laughs]

Justin Bieber: [laughs]

Garrett: Hello.

Justin Bieber: Yeah.

Garrett: Alright so uh, you're doing what most you know kids your age would dream to do in like ten years.

Justin Bieber: Yeah.

Garrett: So do you suggestn you know if you want to do it you gotta do it yourself and sing into the camera and put up on YouTube.

Justin Bieber: I mean I was really blessed with the whole situation that happened. Um yeah but definitely if you love to do what you love to do just do it. I mean there's nothing really more to say. Just go with your heart basically.

Garrett: See you played for 17,000 last night.

Justin Bieber: Yeah.

Garrett: What, was that the biggest crowd you've played for so far?

Justin Bieber: Yeah that was the biggest crowd. That's like I live in a small, I lived in a small town of 30,000.

Garrett: Canada.

Justin Bieber: Yeah that's like half the population in my whole city.

Garrett: So you're either becoming a music sensation or a hockey sensation.

Justin Bieber: Yeah, I actually yeah that was actually the…

Garrett: The back-up plan.

Justin Bieber: Yeah um I actually started playing hockey when I was like 4 and I loved hockey growing up. I had to either make the decision to play hockey or be a singer and I just loved, my music for, my passion for music was just amazing so I just.

Garrett: The Vancouver Canucks ready to sign you and then you're like oh Usher got me, Usher got me.

Justin Bieber: [laughs] Yeah. Yeah

Garrett: I gotta go.

Justin Bieber: [laughs] No.

Garrett: Alright so we're gonna do one song here then we're gonna do something pretty cool because you got like a following of hundreds downstairs so uh, so let's perform one song.

Justin Bieber: Let's do it.

Garrett: Your choice.

Justin Bieber: Okay.

Garrett: Hardest choice.

Justin Bieber: Let's do it.

Garrett: And I'll sit back and I'll let you do your thing man.

Justin Bieber: [tunes guitar] Okay, this song is called Lonely Girl. It's gonna be on my debut album so make sure you check it out.

Garrett: When's the album coming out?

Justin Bieber: It's called "My World" that'll be out late September or October so uh yeah.

Garrett: Find it on the internet.

Justin Bieber: Yeah and my single "One Time" is actually on iTunes right now so if you guys want to check that out as well.

Garrett: Press pause and then go download it and then hit play and come back.

Justin Bieber: Yeah.Go to iTunes and just do that. Alright.

Garrett: Alright, "Lonely Girl".

Justin Bieber: [laughs] Alright "Lonely Girl" right here. Thank you. [plays "Lonely Girl" on his guitar]

Garrett: Justin Bieber.

Justin Bieber: Thanks to you.

Garrett: Dude, awesome.

Justin Bieber: Thank you.

Garrett: You're like my little brother I never had.

Justin Bieber: [laughs] You're like my big brother.

Garrett: Are you up for adoption?

Justin Bieber: Yeah.

Garrett: Alright I'll adopt you.

Justin Bieber: Okay.

Garrett: You'll be my brother. Brother. [gives handshake]

Justin Bieber: Brothers for life.

Garrett: Brothers for life. That's awesome.

Justin Bieber: Yeah we, yeah he just, how about we go through like the big brothers. You can be my big brother.

Garrett: I'll do the… yeah yeah and you… I'll be your big brother and you'll be my little brother.

Justin Bieber: Yeah we can go like hang out, go go-karting and stuff.

Garrett: I'll hold you to it.

Justin Bieber: Oh okay.

Garrett: Don't tempt me.

Justin Bieber: Alright.

Garrett: Alright so we're gonna do something cool. You got a few fans downstairs.

Justin Bieber: Yeah.

Garrett: We're gonna do it commando style and surprise 'em.

Justin Bieber: Commando?

Garrett: Not commando, ambush 'em.

Justin Bieber: Okay.

Garrett: We're gonna ambush 'em.

Justin Bieber: [laughs] Alright let's ambush 'em.

Garrett: He is my little brother. I swear to God. Alright so we're gonna ambush 'em.

Justin Bieber: Great minds think alike.

Garrett: Yes we share one brain. So we're gonna go downstairs you're gonna perform your singla and…

Justin Bieber:[laughs]

Garrett: …and they have no idea that we are about to hit them with a little Justin Bieber.

Justin Bieber: It's gonna be so fun, check out.

Garrett: Alright let's do it. [stands up]