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Fahlo is a mobile app available on Google Play and the App Store. The team of moved to Fahlo. Fahlo became Bkstg on February 11, 2016.

Description Edit

Fahlo gets you closer to the things and people you love most: celebrities, artists, TV shows, movies, comedians, and sports.

Prove you’re the biggest fan with trivia & show what you’re thinking with polls. Love behind-the-scenes photos and videos? Never miss a post with notifications straight to your phone.

Get rewarded for everything you do: share a photo, react to a post, comment on a video – earn some coins.

Use those coins to unlock videos, or redeem them for experiences and other cool stuff: signed albums, live chats, and even more.

Contests Edit

Store Edit

Badges Edit

The Justin Bieber community has some special badges you can only earn in this community.

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