Full Circle is a spin off from 100 Huntley Street, the TV show is a Christian daily television talk show and the flagship program of Crossroads Christian Communications based in Burlington, Ontario, Canada.

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The Full Circle Ladies discuss their time interviewing Pattie Mallette on Full Circle and discuss how now her son has risen to super-stardom. The episode was recorded on June 20, 2008.[1]

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Part 4

Ann Mainse: God has blessed your life with a precious son…

Pattie Mallette: Yes he is.

Ann Mainse: …named Justin.

Pattie Mallette: Yes.

Ann Mainse: And I think we're gonna pull Justin. Justin didn't know this but Justin you are in the studio. Come on over here. He's a good-looking 14 year old young man. Have a seat right next to your mom.

Host: And he sounds even better than he looks.

Ann Mainse: He does. Tell…

Moira Brown: Google this guy.

Ann Mainse: Tel…You can Google. Justin, Pattie tell us a bit of what's happening now in Justin's life. This is hot off the presses.

Pattie Mallette: Yeah, actually Justin is not just healthy, like I pray but like I said he's really talented. He's been putting up videos on YouTube and he is now the number one most subscribed musician in Canada on YouTube and number 20th in the world, a musician in Canada.

Host: Oh and we heard him singing.

Moira Brown: We met him here.

Pattie Mallette: Yeah yeah yeah. He sang for us in the Green Room earlier.

Ann Mainse: What a voice.

Host: You would never believe the commo(?) of…

Host: And a voice that (?)…

Host: It's beautiful

…attention of some pretty high up people.

Pattie Mallette: Yeah he was being courted by the different music labels and I don't know if you know Justin Timberlake and Usher were actually fighting over who could sign him.

Host: Really?

Pattie Mallette: He just send with the music label and we're moving in about a week to the US so it's a big step and he's got a long journey and great plans.

'Ann Mainse: Congratulations Justin and Pattie and keep this little family in your prayers as they now take this next step in the journey. If you want to hear Justin sing just go onto YouTube and type in…

Pattie Mallette: Justin singing.

Ann Mainse: Justin singing and you'll get to hear him but keep praying for him as well as this new journey is unfolding for them. Thank you for being with us. This is just so encouraging. Yeah God can do anything.

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Ann Maise - When He Was Just Justin: The First Time I Met Justin Bieber

It was a Friday in June of 2008. Our show was going live-to-air across the country at 9 a.m. and our guest had just arrived. She was pretty and petite and seemed more than just a little nervous. While she had come to tell her story (a remarkable story of God making His sweet Presence known to a terrified and suicidal young woman, completely turning her life around), Pattie also had something else on her mind. With guarded excitement and an air of uncertainty, she told us that her life was about to change. Remarkably, God seemed to be opening doors for her son to pursue his music. Her son was 14-years-old... and his name was Justin Bieber.

When I met him in our Green Room, my first thought was how young he looked. To be precise, my thoughts were, "He's 14? I would've guessed, maybe, 10!" He wasn't silly or immature. He was just small. And he was polite and shy (and had a lot of hair) and smiled when he answered our questions. "Are you excited to move to Atlanta?" "Yes," he said. "Do you play any instruments?" "Yes, I play piano and guitar and drums... and I like to sing." "Would you sing for us a little, here in the Green Room?" He smiled and looked at his Mom. With a nod from her he began to sing Chris Brown's With You, and his clear angelic voice echoed down the halls. It was obvious this boy had talent.

But it was his Mom, Pattie Mallette, who we were to interview. During the show Justin sat in the shadows, watching his Mom as she gave details to a story of God's miraculous transformation, one that she lived and was excited to share with others. During a break, our Producer, Bill Bray, asked Pattie if she thought Justin might be okay to come on the set as we wrapped the program. She smiled and agreed and Bill let Justin know where he was to sit. In the final two minutes of the show I called Justin over and he squeezed in next to his Mom. Pattie then informed our TV audience that Justin had just been signed by Usher and they were moving to Atlanta to take a shot in the music industry. To this day I wish I would've asked Justin at least one question, but all I could think of was that shy little boy whom I didn't want to put on the spot.

After the show was over and the studio lights came down, our Producer came onto the set with one more request. Bill suggested we all gather around this precious little family and pray. And pray we did. We prayed God's protection and blessing and provision and keeping power as they were on the brink of diving into a business known for chewing up its victims and spitting them out, leaving them addicted, incarcerated or dead. It was a powerful, strong, warrior prayer, one that, no doubt, connected with the heart of God. It was a prayer that propelled the rest of us to keep praying for this young man long after he left our studios.

And we have prayed for him. Often. Little did any of us know that the small-framed boy hugging us good-bye would one day sell 13 million albums, have 3.75 billion YouTube views, gather 57 million Facebook fans, and sell out Madison Square Garden within 22 minutes of his concert tickets going on sale. Astonishing.

And then there was the day, three years later, when we were shocked to discover Hollywood Producers wanted to use a portion of our interview with Pattie (and Justin) in Justin's new movie, Never Say Never. It was while sitting in the movie theatre, surrounded by hundreds of screaming teenaged girls, that we felt the need, once again, to pray for this young man.

And as Justin is now 20 years old and some of his unwise actions and choice of friends have catapulted him into a different limelight, a strong, warrior prayer covering is definitely more necessary than ever.

And when I pray, I can't help but picture that little 14-year-old boy with a love for music, a lot of hair, and an angelic voice.

Oh that we would all pray for that boy.

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