"Humble (Remix)" is a song by Kendrick Lamar featuring Justin Bieber. The remix was first played at 1Oak in New York City on May 24, 2017.

Audio Edit

Lyrics Edit

Somebody pray for me
Somebody pray for me
Somebody pray for me

It's the Abe Lincoln (?)
History in the making

Spirit filled, miseducation
I'm that new Jason Borne,
I'm born on a revelation

You gon' perfect your gift
And I'm gon' perfect my patience
Unashamed to say the name
I keep it blatant in every statement
Screaming (?)

I'm already in the industry
Raise your kingdom
Come over to me

His name is Jesus and maybe you'll start believin'
I don't boast about numbers but I'ma keep it 100
Yeah, it's songs over sins, yeah I put God over money

Yeah, I know my name's Justin but justice is comin'

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