"Infectious" is an unreleased song by Justin Bieber. The track could be featuring Khalil, but it's not true. Justin posted a snippet of the song in 2014.

Audio Edit

Snippets Edit

Lyrics Edit

Whoa oh
Whoa oh oh
Whoa oh
You're so infectious, yeah eh yeah

You're so infectious
Them (?) move in silence oh
And you've said I'm lying
Your lips are filled with violence
Oh your body is sexy...(?)
... in the room like that
... wanted to cover, wanted to cover
Now you my...
You're so infectious, oh, woah oh

You're so infectious
Oh your body is such a epidemic
(?) like (?)
Never knew (?) better
Should've came when I wanted and (?)
Why, why did you (?)
Now that my need you (?)

You're so infectious
Oh oh, oh oh,oh, oh whoa oh
You're so infectious
Such an epidemic (oh)
Then everybody pray with interest (yes)
Distance that everything (?)
Moment of silence
Ever did all the thing
I can do it more (yeah)
Now it might be too late (woow)

(?) baby
But your love's so gracious baby
Drive the whole world crazy
You're so infectious

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