Inspire is an unreleased album by Justin Bieber. This is album is not official, and hasn't been confirmed that it's real. But on one of the producer's livestream, Z. Will or "blumajic_zwill", fans were asking him to play them unreleased music since he's worked on unreleased music with Justin before, he never answered but J. Hill was on the stream and he commented jokingly "play them that inspire album by bieber".

Possible songs Edit

The titles of the songs aren't official:

  1. Antidepressant
  2. Change The Weather
  3. Aye Girl
  4. Overrated
  5. Cold Waters
  6. Live In The Moment
  7. Slow Up
  8. Life Is Worth Living
  9. Turn Up
  10. It's Working
  11. Infectious
  12. If You Want To

Gallery Edit

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