J-14 is a monthly teenage magazine marketed at preteen and teenage girls around age 12-19. It is one of the earliest teen celebrity magazines. J-14 stands for “Just For Teens.” The magazine was among the top children magazines in the 2012 list of Forbes.

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Recorded on May 18, 2009, previewed in June and September.

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Kristinia DeBarge: Hey it's Kristinia DeBarge. I'm the virtual intern for J-14 and I'm here with my labelmate Justin Bieber.

Justin Bieber: Hello. [peace sign]

Kristinia DeBarge: And I'm just gonna gonna ask you a couple questions.

Justin Bieber: Okay.

Kristinia DeBarge: So how did you get started in the music business?

Justin Bieber: Well. I was about 12 years old. I entered a local singing competition where I'm from and um… It was the first time I ever sang in public, 12 years old. My friends and family that couldn't be at the singing competition they wanted to see me. So I ended up posting videos on YouTube for my friends and family. Turned out everybody started liking it, everybody started viewing it, subscribing it. To this day I have like 30 million views on my page.

Kristinia DeBarge: So you're pretty popular?

Justin Bieber: Yeah. [laughs] So my manager Scooter Braun found me online. He ended up flying me to Atlanta and we were going to the studio to meet with some people. And Usher ended up coming in as we were coming in. And it was Usher and I was like "That's Usher". I was kinda starstruck and I was like "Usher, Usher I love your songs. Do you want me to sing you one?" He was like "Nah, come on little buddy. It's cold outside." So he was like… I didn't get a chance to sing to him. After that we… Usher actually heard my videos. He got… talking to my manager. I ended up flying me down a week later and I ended up meeting for him and I got to sing for him. And the video it's actually on YouTube. It's on my channel:

Kristinia DeBarge: Wow that's a big deal. I'm sure you were really excited right now. So back to YouTube. What's the secret to making a good YouTube video?

Justin Bieber: Just making it real. Making it like you. You just gotta be you. That's just basically the bottom line.

Kristinia DeBarge: (?).

Justin Bieber: Yeah

Kristinia DeBarge: Okay.

Kristinia DeBarge: How do you pick what songs you're going to cover? What's your favorite genre of music?

My favorite genre of music is. I can't really pick. I like Rock, I like R&B, I like Pop music. I really like it all. I like to sing a lot of R&B and Pop music.

Kristinia DeBarge: That's what your voice complements you.

Justin Bieber: Yes I think so.

Kristinia DeBarge: (?)

Part 2

Kristinia DeBarge: You have straight A's! Do you consider yourself a nerd?

Justin Bieber: No? [laughs] I don't consider myself a nerd.

Kristinia DeBarge: You're just a cool…?

Justin Bieber: I just like to try hard and everything.

Kristinia DeBarge: Good, good. Are you a skateboarder?

Justin Bieber: Yes I skateboard. I love to skateboard. Been skateboarding since a couple of years. I love to do it.

Kristinia DeBarge: Which is the coolest trick you can do?

Justin Bieber: Right now I'm learning a 360 flip. Can't handle it yet but I can do Varial, I can do Inward Heel.

Kristinia DeBarge: Cool. Would you ever do a duet with yours truly Kristinia DeBarge?

Justin Bieber: [thumbs up] Yes I would.

Kristinia DeBarge: Awesome.

Justin Bieber: Yeah definitely. (?)

Kristinia DeBarge: I know but do you write?

Justin Bieber: Yes I do.

Kristinia DeBarge: Good I write too. So maybe set up a session together? Are you a Twilight fan? If so are you Team Edward or Team Jacob?

Justin Bieber: I'm not a Twilight fan. Sorry.

Kristinia DeBarge: Oh okay.

Justin Bieber: I'm not a Twilight fan. I saw the movie. I wasn't really blown away. I don't even really remember the character names.

Kristinia DeBarge: It's okay. It's all good. What's the last text message you got and from who?

Justin Bieber: Can I look? Is that, is that…

Kristinia DeBarge: Yeah go for it.

Justin Bieber: [Gets phone out of his pocket] Okay. Last text message was "Thanks for the birthday wish for… It meant a lot. Have fun in New York. From Shay." [Puts phone back into his pocket]

Kristinia DeBarge: Is Shay your friend?

Justin Bieber: Yes she's a good friend of mine.

Kristinia DeBarge: What's your ringtone?

Justin Bieber: My ringtone? 'Bring, bring, bring' [laughs] But usually I have it on vibrate.

Kristinia DeBarge: If you could have any ringtone song, what would it be?

Justin Bieber: Um, probably… nah I don't even know.

Kristinia DeBarge: And your song?

Justin Bieber: No. I don't really know. I don't know which song…

Person: Her song?

Justin Bieber: Your song! [laughs]

Kristinia DeBarge: It's all (?).

Justin Bieber: Good bye. (?)

Kristinia DeBarge: I know (?).

Part 3

Justin Bieber: Kristinia DeBarge?

[both nod]

Kristinia DeBarge: Hm-m. What's your favorite summer song?

Justin Bieber: Favorite summer song?

Kristinia DeBarge: There's tons of songs out there.

Justin Bieber: Yeah I know.

[both laugh]

'Justin Bieber: Uh I don't know. I don't really have a favorite summer song.

Kristinia DeBarge: But you will soon.

Justin Bieber: Yes soon.

Kristinia DeBarge: You will soon. Once you study music more and more and more

Justin Bieber: Do you have a favorite summer song?

Kristinia DeBarge: Um yeah. ♪ Why do birds suddenly appear. Every time ♪ Yeah you guys know the song. That's my favorite summer song. What's the most embarrassing thing that's happened to you?

Justin Bieber: Most embarrassing? Well most embarrassing time was probably I was in class, I was doing a project. Okay I gotta get this straight. It was a couple of years ago gotta get my… I was in class doing a project and one of my best friends, he's still my best friend, he thought it would be funny if he would put something on… he kinda changed my project (?).

Kristinia DeBarge: Ohhh.

Justin Bieber: So I was like, I didn't even look hardly, so this is my project right here. And he put like a picture of something stupid and everybody started laughing at me and I felt pretty bad.

Kristinia DeBarge: Ohhh.

Justin Bieber: It was terrible. It was terrible.

Kristinia DeBarge: What's better than dumping into a pool in front of everyone. That's my embarrassing thing.

Justin Bieber: Yeah.

[Everybody laughs]

Justin Bieber: That's pretty funny, I'm not gonna lie.

Kristinia DeBarge: Yeah everybody laughed at me and I just felt (?). Um what's the one thing about girls that you just don't understand?

Justin Bieber: I'm still learning. I don't know.

Kristinia DeBarge: Is it make-up?

Justin Bieber: Sometimes yeah.

Kristinia DeBarge: 'Cause I know a lot of guys who don't understand that.

Justin Bieber: I don't really. I mean girls look fine without make-up. It's like on me to wear make-up 'cause I'm a boy.

Kristinia DeBarge: Alrighty well I think that's it for now. Thanks for letting me interview you, Justin.

J-14 Exclusive

What's up J-14. It's your boy Justin Bieber here. I just got signed to Def Jam and RBMG with Scooter Braun and Usher Raymond. I actually love your guy's magazine and I'm actually reading it right now as you can see. Yeah I like to do regular kids stuff. I like to play golf, I like to go to the movies with my friends, I like to shoot hoops. And my first single comes out really soon. So you guys gotta stay tuned. Buy it on iTunes. You guys wanna hear a little bit of it?

♪ I'mma tell you one time.
Girl I love, girl I love you.
I'mma tell you one time.

You look so deep, you know that it humbles me.
You by my side and troubles them don't trouble me.
Many have called but the chosen is you
Whatever you want shawty I'll give it to you ♪

There you go guys.

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