Jabari is a YouTube channel that interviewed Justin Bieber on June 17, 2009.

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Justin: Wassup guys, this is Justin Bieber and I'm here with Jabari and we're famous on the internet.

Jabari: What's going on everybody. It's Jabari and I got my man with me, the kid. Literally the kid. Justin Bieber man. What's going on?

Justin: How are you?

Jabari: How's everything?

Justin: Chill.

Jabari: I said your name right? Bieber, right?

Justin: Yeah. Bieber.

Jabari: Ok, cool. Dude you've been climbing, climbing, climbing man. Tell the people what's your story man. How you kinda got started.

Justin: Well basically I started when I was about 12. I entered a singing competition in Canada. So I entered the singing competition and my friends and family that couldn't be there wanted to see me so I posted videos of me singing on my competition on YouTube.

[Jabari shows some videos of Stratford Idol, Fallin and So Sick]

Justin: And it turned out other people started watching it, subscribing and (?) I got a 3 million views and now I'm up to like 48 million views.

Jabari: Well how old are you Bieber?

Justin: I'm 15.

Jabari: 15? And right now you're signed right?

Justin: Yeah.

Jabari: Got signed of YouTube by Usher. Tell me a little about that. How did that go?

Justin: So my manager, Scooter Braun, found me on YouTube. He flew me out to Atlanta where I met Usher (?) I was going in the Jermaine Dupri studio and he was coming out, and he was going in whatever. He ended up meeting and I was like "oh my goodness that's Usher". I gotta sing for him so I ran up to him and I was like "Usher, Usher I love your songs. Do you want me to sing you one?" He was like "Come on little buddy, it's just cold outside". He meets people everyday so I didn't get to sing for him. So my manager actually talked to him after that and he actually looked up my videos and he was like "Oh my goodness what did I just do". So he actually flew me back to Atlanta the next week and I got to sing for him. And immediately wanted to sign me.

Jabari: Now is that the video that you have on YouTube?

Justin: Yeah U Got It Bad, yeah.

[Jabari shows Justin singing U Got It Bad to Usher]

Justin: That was the first time I really met him and then after that a week later I was also wanted to be signed by Justin Timberlake. So it was kinda like a bidding war between Justin and Usher.

Jabari: Wow. Are those 2 guys that you look up to in the industry.

Justin: Yeah definitely.

Jabari: Alright cool. So you know now what the first single "One Time" about … How was it like shooting your first real video, your first official music video (?) like a YouTube video.

Justin: Yeah it was crazy, coming from like a webcam.

[Jabari shows a snippet of Justin's music video]

Jabari: I do so much stuff on YouTube man and it's funny when like somebody can recognize you from YouTube like outside of YouTube. You know like in the street or something. What video was it that made you realize like wow I'm really famous right now.

Justin: It was really the With You by Chris Brown. It has like 9 million views. I was just hanging out, I went to Footlocker and these girls were "OMG that's Justin" you know and I was like "Yeah" and they were like "That's Justin Bieber" and they were like "Can I take a photo of you with (?)" It was pretty crazy

Jabari: Oh wow and that is back home?

Justin: Uh this is actually in Atlanta.

Jabari: Now in that With You video I saw a picture of 2Pac on the wall. I know you're into R&B man but you know are you a rap fan?

Justin: Yeah I love rap. 2Pac is awesome.

Jabari: Who is some of your favorite artists right now?

Justin: Uh right now I have to say, I like Ne-Yo, I like a lot of new artists but I like older stuff like young Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder and like stuff like that

Jabari: This kid is an old soul man. That's where he gets his soul (?) voice from. So many great (?). So you said you're a 2Pac fan? Give me some quick phrase from 2Pac.

Justin: I know (?).

[Justin raps 2Pac - Thugz Mansion]

Jabari: He already knows. See this kid is not just R&B. My man knows what lives on the Hip Hop side.

Jabari: Justin man you know you've been so young, 15 years old on the road down here. (?) You still in school?

Justin: Actually my tutor travels with me. She's actually here. We're just hanging out, I do school on the road. I do it when we're in the hotel room.

Jabari: Now let's be real man. You gotta keep it (?) with me. Doing school on the road that's gotta be doing school in the class (?).

Justin: I can't say.

Jabari: No?

Justin: Actually it's easier but like at school, I miss my friends and stuff. But it definitely is a lot easier.

Jabari: How often do you go back to see your friends? I see them every couple months I go back to Canada. But I wish I could see them more. I'm really busy now but soon (?).