Jelena (J/ustin Bieber and S/elena Gomez) was the romantic relationship between American actress, Selena Gomez and Canadian-born pop-R&B singer Justin Bieber.

Rumours of the two popstars having a relationship started passing through the Internet, especially through social networking site Twitter, around mid to late 2010, when the two were pictured hanging out, holding hands and laughing with each other.

After hearing about rumours, both Gomez and Bieber expressed about how much they are 'just best friends.' On The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Selena says she sees Justin as 'a younger brother,' just wanting to protect him.

Soon, around March 2011, just after the time Justin cut his hair and sells it online and sends charities the money raised, nasty and hateful rumours targeted to Selena were online, again most of them on Twitter, and were mainly aimed by Bieber's fans, saying she's 'using him for fame' or 'to annoy his fans.' Selena also recieved death threats from Justin's fans, but, she couldn't care less.

Justin said himself that he hasn't got a girlfriend, in interviews and online, but fans saw that the stars were dating and made a row.

In recent interviews, Gomez says that the comments and messages from furious Bieber fans do cause her some distress and hurts her feelings, but says she's happy that she has support from Bieber, her fans and her friends and family.

Soon, around mid-2011, while holidaying in Hawaii, the couple practically confirmed their relationship when pictures of the two leaked out. It was also reported that both Selena and Justin had lost their virginity while on their romantic getaway in June-July 2011. Selena had said: "I wore my purity ring since I was eleven and I respect the meaning of the ring, but it isn't for everyone," after sources claim that Gomez removed her ring while dating Bieber. Reports say that Bieber shouted at paparazzi that Selena's his girlfriend and he loves her; but before then, around a month before their holiday, Gomez came out with the relationship of her and Bieber, and confirmed it herself, after months of hiding their love.

Bieber and Gomez are pictured together at award ceremonies, like the MTV Movie Awards, Vanity Fair and the Billboard Awards.

In February 2012, Gomez posted on Twitter a picture of a flower stating, "Loves me, loves me not.", which sparked rumors of the couple splitting.

In end 2012 and beginning 2013 Selena was dancing to a couple breakup songs which were obviously referring to Justin.

Selena has been shading Justin by liking hate pictures about him on Instagram.

In August 2016, Both Gomez and Bieber ranted at eachother after Bieber was posting several pictures of his new rumored girlfriend, Sofia Richie, for which he received hate from his fans and haters. He threatened to make his Instagram account private if fans were to continue this appauling behaviour. Gomez commented on the post that threatened fans

☀"If you can't handle the hate, then stop posting pictures of your girlfriend lol," Gomez commented on one of his pics of her. "It should be special between you two only. Don't be mad at your fans. They love you."

, Bieber replied indireclty with "It's funny to see people that used me for attention and still try to point the finger this way," It's not confirmed that this comment was towards Selena, it could've been a reply to "Perez Hilton" a guy who would shade and hate on Justin all the time, and now he's giving him an advice on how he should take a break from social media.There were fake comments circling around on the internet, which one of them was by Selena which stated that he cheated on her and the other other one by Justin which also said that she cheated on him with Zayn from One Direction. The former lovers-turned-frenemies continued to shade eachother. Bieber later on deactivated his Instagram account which caused a riot online; even fans blaming Selena. She took to her snapchat to apologize and said; "What I said was pointless". Some fans has said that the two may no longer be friends. While all this drama has been going on, Justin has shut out Selena for now and has started spending more time with new flame, Sofia Richie. No further reports of the troubled two.

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