Jimmy Kimmel Live! is an American late-night talk show, created and hosted by Jimmy Kimmel, and transmitted on ABC.

2010 Edit

Justin Bieber and Cody, the 3 year old crying girl on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

The host surprised the little girl and her sisters Sierra, 8, and Cheyenne, 13, with a visit from Justin Bieber, who was in L.A. to celebrate his 16th birthday.

2011 Edit

In 2011 Justin pretended that he was bald on Jimmy Kimmel Live—or, as he like to refer to Jimmy, “Bieber’s barber.” Don’t worry, it was just a joke and Vanessa doesn’t ever have to worry about Jimmy taking her job!

2012 Edit

Justin Bieber and Ashton Kutcher preview the return of Punk'd during this appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live. They even showed a clip from the season premiere.

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