Justin's personal trainer in 2010 is called Jordan Yuam. Justin isn't the first celebrity that Jordan has trained, he also looks after Taylor Lautner and helped him transform his body for New Moon. Jordan is a firm believer that if you want to get fitter then exercise isn't enough, you have to change your diet too. It's thought that Justin and Jordan work out hundreds of miles apart from each other when Justin is on the road by going on Skype.

Justin Bieber bodybuilding diet  suggested by  Jordan Yuam that helped him build lean muscle

  • Cook healthy food in olive oil
  • Eat 4 to 6 small meals daily with balanced recipes.
  • Give up junk foods, fast foods, processed food and other high calorie, low nutrient snacks and meals
  • Do not take white or refined foods.
  •  Keep well-hydrated by drinking lots of water and green tea which also removes toxins from the body.
  • Eat fresh fruits and food
  • Drink lots of protein shakes

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