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2009 Edit

He explained how he played the trumpet and performed One Time (acoustic).

Transcript Edit

K104.7: Ladies and gentleman, Island Def Jam recording artist Justin Bieber.

You guys get to take a break from your work for a minute.

K104.7: Yeah.

Justin Bieber: Get to listen to some music.

K104.7: We like that.

Justin Bieber: Yeah. So um, actually if you, is there, have any of you guys have heard my new single "One Time"?

K104.7: Saw the video.

Justin Bieber: Nice, well uh. Actually have an acoustic version that I play and so I'll sing that for you guys first.

[plays One Time on guitar]

Justin Bieber: I was about 12. I was in a singing competition and just for fun. I wasn't tryna get anywhere but my mom put my videos, oh no actually I put my videos on YouTube for my friends and family to see that, couldn't make it to the competition so I did that and my, and then everybody like on YouTube started watching it and subscribing and like now I have like 38 million views on my YouTube page.

K104.7: [laughing]

Justin Bieber: Yeah so it's pretty crazy. It got blown up really fast, so my manager Scooter Braun he found me on there. Kinda stalked me

K104.7: [laughing]

Justin Bieber: Kinda looked in like the background trying to get like information but he wasn't creepy, he was like you call me. He wasn't trying to get ahold of me. He was trying to get ahold of my mom. He was like get your mom to call me and she was, he even contacted my school board and was like "Is there a Justin Bieber that is in your school district?" So he kinda, he was really persistent. Um we ended up, my mom ended up talking to him tryna to get rid of him but…

K104.7: [laughing]

Justin Bieber: He ended up being good, good guy so we actually, he flew us out to Atlanta where I met Usher and we had a meeting with Usher and stuff and he wanted to sign mee but then a week later I had a meeting with Justin Timberlake and so um Justin wanted to sign me. So, really, you can't go wrong.

K104.7: [laughing]

Justin Bieber: It was kind of a bidding. It was kind of a bidding war between Justin Timberlake and Usher so you really can't go wrong but it was a really amazing experience. I ended up going with Usher at Island Def Jam and so yeah that's kind of my story.

K104.7: (?)

Justin Bieber: (?) YouTube, yeah.