Live @ Much is a celebrity interview and performance show that is irregularly broadcast on Canadian music television station, MuchMusic.

Justin was on the Live @ Much on December 22, 2009 and performed "Baby" for the first time.

Setlist Edit

  1. Love Me
  2. Bigger
  3. One Less Lonely Girl
  4. Favorite Girl
  5. Baby
  6. Down to Earth
  7. Never Let You Go
  8. One Time

Interview Edit

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You made friends with some crazy famous people. You're like best friends with Obama. You're basically best friends with Obama

Justin: Where did you hear this?

I saw a picture of you

Justin: So that means I'm best friends with Obama?

No it's a joke. I think he's a pretty cool guy. So tell me what that experience was like.

Justin: It was awesome, I got to perform for him, I met him. It's just really cool.

What's been the biggest achievement for you?

Justin: That's definitely one of 'em. Coming from Canada, it's still pretty cool being able to perform for the president of the United States.

Yeah it's kind of a weird thing. It's a very honor tho. So if you could pick like a couple things that would be your biggest accomplishments in life and music, what would they be?

Justin: I don't know. Maybe like just being able to have my first album was incredible.

Yeah, that's a big deal. It's done really well So congratulations, you had the second biggest debute of 2009. That's huge, that's awesome. So this is actually obviously not about music but all the fans, all the ladies have been waiting for you. So we have some questions. These are text rapid questions.

Justin: Cool.

Okay, then I ask you some then you give me whatever you've got.

Justin: Okay, let's do it

Melissa, she says "Hey is it true that you are living in Winnipeg with your dad?"

Justin: Nope.

Oh. Sorry Melissa you got it completely wrong, I'm sorry. Where do you live? In Atlanta still?

Justin: I live, I live... I have a house in Stratford and I have a house in Atlanta.

What do you miss the most of at home?

Justin: I miss my friends and family...

This one is from Anna Ho

Justin: ...And Tim Hortons

Hey this is Anna Ho "Hey Justin, what is your biggest fear & why?"

Justin: I'm scared of elevators because I'm afraid to get stuck.

Is it like...

Justin: Like only if there's a bunch of people in it, I'm kinda claustrophobic.

Kriesten, she says "What is the sweetest thing you would do for a girl?"

Justin: The sweetest thing I would do for a girl basically, I don't know. Let's take her out for a nice dinner, bring her home, give her flowers. If it was a really day I might give her a kiss.

Jenna "Is there a girl in particular that inspires your songs?"

Justin: Uhm no there's not. I write my songs for like all my fans.

Wow, very generous of you. I like that. Okay live via the webcam, Kristi-Lyn and Kyra I think. Girls what's your question for Justin Bieber?

Kirsti-Lyn & Kyra: Hi Justin, we love you. Are you looking for a girlfriend or are you scared that your fans will get mad?

Justin: I think that I actually, I mean I'm really busy but if I have (?) a girlfriend, that's just something that might happen.

Yeah. If he's just have happening to fall in love with you, there's nothing you can do about it. It's fine. Okay that's a good answer.

/goes outside/

I think Caitlyn has a question, what's your question for Justin? Go ahead.

Caitlyn: You seem like a romantic guy. What's your idea on the perfect date?

Justin: The perfect date. I think as long as she's happy I'm happy

What is the craziest fan tribute you ever got? Have you seen any tattoos yet? Any Justin Bieber tattoos?

Justin: No I haven't seen any Justin Bieber tattoos. Not yet

The fans are talking about what the Bieber fans are called. What are they called again?


The beliebers. You're inspiring them so much. Who inspired you? Who is the first artist or singer that you're like "this blows my mind"?

Justin Bieber: Boyz II Men

Really? Was it the harmonies? Was it the song...?

Justin Bieber: It was, I don't know, it was everything. They were like the first group that I like really really loved so.

But on your album you also sorta thanked Aretha Franklin and Stevie Wonder which are really old-school. Did you grew up with a lot of (?).

Justin: Yeah I grew up listening to a lot of like the music Michael Jackson and stuff so.

Nice. Michael Jackson is pretty amazing.

Ok so we're also talking about you and the music industry. Everybody's in love with you and you're all over the tabloids. Already this picture is actually amazing. Rihanna kissing your face.

Justin Bieber: It's not a big deal or anything.

No big deal? You said that ('cause I watched that) you never wanted to wash again but I see you did scrub it off.

Justin: Yeah I mean, I had to.

Yeah you had to wash it. Thank you for scrubbing off to come back home, I really appreciate that. So who is the biggest of the celebrity fan that you're shocked that likes your music, has that happened yet?

Justin: Beyoncé.

Beyoncé? God I love her

Justin: Yes, so I met her at the VMA's and I went up to her and she basically said you know what Justin I really like that song "One Time" and I was like thank you.

What else do you guys talk about?

Justin: It was kind of a brief little "hi, nice to meet you, bye"

You were like ya call you later, we'll talk about this later.

Justin: Yes, I was like (you know) if you want to give me your digits. It's fine if you want.

Please don't tell Jay-Z whatever. Who do you dream collaboration at this point?

Justin: Beyoncé.

Nice. I like that answer, let's go outside. Let's say hi to your buddies. I gotta protect you. Ladies take it easy.

Vanessa and (?) where are you, ladies? What's your question for Justin?

Vanessa and (?): Justin we love you so much and we bought you a present. My question is "Have you ever called a number that a fan has given you?"

Justin: have I ever called... Yes.

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