"Meet Me At The Club" is an unreleased song by Justin Bieber and Khalil. Soundz posted a snippet of the song on his Snapchat on April 14, 2016. Then on November 23rd 2016, Soundz posted another 30 seconds snippet video of the song where you could hear both Khalil and Justin, then someone combined all of the snippets and made an edit, later on they posted it which made everyone think that it's the actual song, the song is still unreleased and some lines from Justin's verse are missing.

Audio Edit

Lyrics Edit

Khalil (Verse 1)
Bad chick she getting naughty
My group is at the ... tell your friend I'm sorry
We pull up to the club and then we start to party
Last time i was in the Bently
This time I brought out Rarri
Have a hundred by my neck
I'm still the old me
Yeah I heard them niggas talkin'
and they don't know me
She said ain't been here
before I bet she don't see
I get the poppin of the bed she just owe me

Justin Bieber (Hook)
I said meet me at the club tonight
All them bottles on me
You can meet me at the club tonight (tonight)
And you can stand in front of me
I said meet me at the club

Justin Bieber (Verse 2)
We could go slow-ow, nobody would know-ow
Take it to a session baby
We could make a show-ow yeah
(?) let's go
'bout that time we go

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