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Justin was on the TV show on July 8, 2009.

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Interviewer: Here he is. Please welcome Justin Bieber.

Justin Bieber: What's happening guys.

Interviewer: Hi justin. How are you? Nice to meet you and to see.

Fans: [screaming]

Justin Bieber: What's happening guys.

Interviewer: It's a little bit loud in here. Come on over. You need to hear me.

Justin Bieber: [makes gesture to make fans shout]

Interviewer: Okay I'm going to wait for it to quiet down. So Justin you're Canadian. You're from Stratford, Ontario.

Justin Bieber: Yeah.

Interviewer: Is this crazy to be here at MuchmMusic?

Justin Bieber: Yeah this is really crazy.

Interviewer: …and have all these girls down here for you.

Justin Bieber: Yeah, yeah, yeah. This is definitely crazy.

Interviewer: Did you ever… Let, you obviously watched MuchMusic growing up.

Justin Bieber: Yeah, yeah, yeah. I watched it a lot growing up.

Interviewer: Now did you ever think that you'd be here?

Justin Bieber: No, definitely not.

Interviewer: Never?

Justin Bieber: No.

Interviewer: Okay. You have such an interesting story about two years ago in 2007.

Justin Bieber: Yeah.

Interviewer: You put up a bunch of videos of yourself on YouTube.

Justin Bieber: Yeah.

Interviewer: And obviously words spread very fast.

Justin Bieber: I guess who came…

Interviewer: It obviously paid off.

Justin Bieber: Yeah.

Interviewer: And we actually have one of those videos of you playing drums. It's really cute.

Justin Bieber: Alright.

Interviewer: Please take a look at that.

[Showing "Snippet of Justin on someones old Drums" on YouTube]

Interviewer: This is just one of the videos. There's so many, right? How old were you? Is…

Justin Bieber: I was 12 there.

Interviewer: 12.

Justin Bieber: Yeah.

Interviewer: Just a talented boy.

Justin Bieber: [laughs] Thank you.

Interviewer: Right, 'cause you not only do you play drums, you sing, you play guitar, …

Justin Bieber: Yeah.

Interviewer: …trumpet.

Justin Bieber: Yeah.

Interviewer: So how old were you when music was a big part of your life? Like were you really little?

Justin Bieber: Uh, I was about 2 years old. I started playing drums. My mom, we always, played drums around the house and just play different instruments and growing up I was just always around music. My dad plays guitar, my mom sings. It's just kind of a musical family so I grew up kind of listening to music so.

[fans outside shouting "Come outside, come outside, come outside"]

Interviewer: We're gonna come outside in just a second.

Justin Bieber: We will.

Interviewer: Okay so you put the videos on YouTube.

Justin Bieber: Yeah.

Interviewer: And then you happened to meet…

Justin Bieber: And so.

Interviewer: …a very…

Justin Bieber: I kinda put the videos up for friends and family.

Interviewer: Yeah.

Justin Bieber: It was after my singing competition and I put my videos up for friends and family and it turned out… I guess they started liking my videos obvious [points at the crowd]

Interviewer: Obviously, probably right and then you met Usher. You met Usher.

Justin Bieber: Yeah yeah I met Usher and uh Usher then wanted to sign me and Justin Timberlake also wanted to sign me so.

Interviewer: So basically Usher and Justin Timberlake were fighting over you.

Justin Bieber: Yeah.

Interviewer: What was that like.

Justin Bieber: It's incredible, I was, I would…

Interviewer: Were you like "is this really happening?".

Justin Bieber: Yeah it was definitely incredible. I couldn't ask for a better situation. [laughs]

[fans outside shouting "Come outside, come outside, come outside"]

Interviewer: 'Cause they're both two of the coolest most talented artists, right?

Justin Bieber: Yeah yeah. Yeah.

Interviewer: And then you chose to go with Usher obviously.

Justin Bieber: Yeah.

Interviewer: And how's that been, obviously it's going pretty well.

Justin Bieber: I mean, yeah it's going really well. We hang out all the time. We go to the studio. Uh, it's defintely big. It's really awesome.

Interviewer: Now your single hit iTunes yesterday.

Justin Bieber: Yeah.

Interviewer: "One Time".

Justin Bieber: Yeah.

Interviewer: And it already went to number 4.

Justin Bieber: It's awesome. I just. I couldn't do it without these guys. [points at the crowd] Yeah.

Interviewer: Okay, speaking of these guys. We have an audience question from Lauren. Lauren, what's your question for Justin?

Lauren: Um, I was just wondering if there was any specific girl behind your song One Time.

Justin Bieber: Uh, there's not a specific girl. It goes out to all of you girls. [points at the crowd]

Interviewer: All the girls. Okay so, do you have a girlfriend?

Justin Bieber: No, I'm single, uh.

[fans are shouting]

Interviewer: It makes sense.

Justin Bieber: Yeah.

Interviewer: Right?

Justin Bieber: Yeah.

Interviewer: Okay we have another fan on the phone this time.

Justin Bieber: Okay.

Interviewer: This is Reese in Sudbury, Ontario. Reese.

Justin Bieber: (?)

Interviewer: What's your question for Justin? Reese, are you there? Reese?

Reese: It says you're not online.

Interviewer: Hi.

Justin Bieber: Hi there.

Reese: Hi.

Justin Bieber: Hi, how are you?

Reese: Good.

Interviewer: You're on the air, hun.

Reese: [laughs] Okay.

Interviewer: What's your question for Justin?

Reese: Hi Justin.

Justin Bieber: How are you?

Reese: Good.

Justin Bieber: So what's your question.

Interviewer: [laughs]

Reese: Um, you know how, like you got all your fame from YouTube and stuff.

Justin Bieber: Yeah.

Reese: Well, when you met Usher. Why did you choose for him to sign you. Why didn't you just keep doing what you were doing.

Justin Bieber: Uh, why didn't I just keep putting up YouTube videos?

Reese: Yeah.

Justin Bieber: Uh, well this kind of, this kinda situation I'm able to um send out recordings of myself worldwide and I'm able to just give the fans what they want, I guess.

Interviewer: Why wouldn't you? That's the question. I think that's…

Justin Bieber: Why wouldn't I do it?

Interviewer: Yeah why wouldn't you?

Justin Bieber: Why wouldn't I do it?

Interviewer: Every musician out there.

Justin Bieber: Yeah.

Interviewer: That's like a dream for any musician aspiring musician.

Reese: Yeah true.

Interviewer: For Usher to be like "you're amazing". Let's sign you.

Justin Bieber: Yeah, yeah.

Interviewer: You know what I mean? Thanks for your question Reese.

Justin Bieber: Thanks.

Reese: Um, I have another one too.

Interviewer: Oh, okay. What's your second question?

Reese: [laughs] Well my friend wanted me to ask you this. Um would you ever go out with, like you go out with normal girls or do you want to go for like those famous girls. [laughs]

Justin Bieber: I would go out with a girl whoever I fall in love with. That's how…

Interviewer: Good answer. Okay thank you very much Reece. Now, obviously we spoke aout the singe hitting our iTunes yesterday.

Justin Bieber: Yeah.

Interviewer: When can we expect the album? I know these girls want their hands on it.

Justin Bieber: You can expect the album 4th quarter, for people that don't know that. Uh, within this next fall and by the end of maybe summer.

Interviewer: So soon.

Justin Bieber: Yes soon. Very very very soon.

Interviewer: Soon. So at a young age. You're 15.

Justin Bieber: Yeah.

Interviewer: How are you handlin all this 'cause this is a lot to take on.

Justin Bieber: Uh yeah I just have my family to help stay me, keep me grounded. I have really good people surrounding me so yeah.

Interviewer: Does your family travel with you?

Justin Bieber: Uh yeah.

Interviewer: Yeah?

Justin Bieber: Yeah.

Interviewer: Are they here today?

Justin Bieber: Yeah. They're here. Look up there. [points to part of crowd] That's all my family.

Interviewer: Is that your support group?

Justin Bieber: Yes, that's my support group.

Interviewer: All the fam, that's nice, right. Okay, do you wanna maybe, I know the girls inside here have been freaking out but do you wanna maybe go outside and say hello to the girls?

Justin Bieber: Yeah, I'mma go outside.

Interviewer: Come on. They have a question out there actually from Jack Lin. She's somewhere out here. I can't see her, there she is. Come on Justin.

Justin Bieber: What's up, hey guys?

Interviewer: Okay, wow so loud. Jacqueline.

Justin Bieber:[giving hands to fans]

Interviewer: Okay, calm down. What is your question for Justin?

Jacqueline: Me and my friend love you so much and we just wanna know…

Justin Bieber: Alright, what's hatnin'?

Jacqueline: …who your celebrity crush is.

Interviewer: Celebrity crush, okay so Justin she wants to know who's your celebrity crush?

Justin Bieber: Who's my celebrity crush?

Interviewer: Um.

Justin Bieber: Um, I would say Beyoncé but she's already taken.

Interviewer: But you can still have a crush on her. She's gorgeous, Justin.

Justin Bieber: Yeah, it's just a crush.

Interviewer:' Yeah. She's gorgeous. I'll hold this for you. Justin is not going anywhere. Right now we're actually gonna check on the video which, it's a number 1 video today, Justin. Your video is a number 1 video.

Justin Bieber: That's amazing, that's amazing.

Interviewer: So we're gonnna check it right now early 'cause he's here. Here is "One Time" Justin Bieber.

["One Time" music video playing]

Justin Bieber: [signing autographs and takes pictures with fans while MuchMusic plays One Time]

Interviewer: Welcome back to MuchOnDemand, still here with our Justin Bieber. Insanity here, continious. Yes the girls are screaming very loud. Okay so since you started at such a young age. I thought we play a little game…

Justin Bieber: Sounds fun.

Interviewer: …and take a look at different artists.

Justin Bieber: Okay.

Interviewer: …and you're gonna have to guess who they are…

Justin Bieber: Okay.

Interviewer: …and how old they were in the video.

Justin Bieber: Okay.

Interviewer: It's pretty easy.

Justin Bieber: Alright.

Interviewer: It sounds hard but it's not. Okay let's take a look at the first video. [plays "Want You Back" by The Jackson] Who is it?

Justin Bieber: Um.

Interviewer: This is easy. Who do you think it is?

Justin Bieber: Michael Jackson.

Interviewer: Right and how old do you think he is in that video?

Justin Bieber: Uh, I'd say 11.

Interviewer: You are good. You got that right. Very good guess. [laughs]

Justin Bieber: You know, I do my research.

Interviewer: You do.

Justin Bieber: Come on, come on.

Interviewer: You can't prepare it. Let's take a look at the next one. [plays "Call Me A Mack" by Usher] It's a little bit hard this, maybe uh.

Justin Bieber: This is kinda familiar.

Interviewer: Kinda.

Justin Bieber: I'd like to say it's Usher.

Interviewer: Yeah, I think that's a good guess. You're right and how old do you think Usher was in that video?

Justin Bieber: I'd say 13.

Interviewer: No.

Justin Bieber: Oh.

Interviewer: It's okay, he was 15 but you're close.

Justin Bieber: Oh, 15.

Interviewer: 2 years off Justin, don't worry.

Justin Bieber: Oh, I can't… Oh, oh.

Interviewer: Oh, oh. [laughs] Next one!

Justin Bieber: Next one.

Interviewer: [plays eBeautiful Soule by Jesse McCartney] Oh, this is… Can you know how bad this is.

Justin Bieber: Oh.

Interviewer: It's like we have his name up on the video. So it's like, is this even a game?

Justin Bieber: Okay, kay, kay, kay.

Interviewer: Kay, kay, kay.

Justin Bieber: I think I know it.

Interviewer: You do?

Justin Bieber: It's Jesse McCartney.

Interviewer: Yeah.

Justin Bieber: Maybe he was 16? No, no, no it's not 16.

Fans: [shouting 17]

Justin Bieber: I lied.

Interviewer: You might be close.

Justin Bieber: Uh, 17?

Interviewer: You are right, yes. Too right, too right. Okay. Next! I think we have the next video ready. Here it is. Let's see. [plays "Why Not" by Hilary Duff]

Justin Bieber: Hilary Duff!

Interviewer: Yeah!

Justin Bieber: And she was uh, 17?

Interviewer: [looks to card]

Justin Bieber: 16?

Interviewer: Yes, you're right.

Justin Bieber: Yes!

Interviewer: You just know by looking at me, like no no.

Justin Bieber: I got it right, tss. I got that right.

Interviewer: Okay and we have our last video for you to guess. Justin, here it is.

Justin Bieber: Alright.

Interviewer:' Okay. [plays "Bounce With Me" by Lil Bow Wow]

Justin Bieber: Uh, yeah yeah. Uh, yeah. [laughs] That is Bow Wow.

Interviewer: Yeah.

Justin Bieber: Lil Bow Wow then, he was Lil Bow Wow.

Interviewer: Uh-huh.

Justin Bieber: Now he is Bow Wow. That was Lil Bow Wow.

Interviewer: Yeah.

Justin Bieber: And he was [thinking]

Interviewer: Come on, you can do this. It's the last one Justin.

Justin Bieber: He was 13?

Interviewer: Yes, you're right! High five, come on!

Justin Bieber: Yes!

Interviewer: Yes. You're good.

Justin Bieber: Did I win anything?

Interviewer: Well, fortunately not.

Justin Bieber: How about a hug? Can I get a hug for that?

Interviewer: Let me give you a hug, I'll stand up, yes.

Fans: [shouting]

Interviewer: Thank you. Okay, do you want to go out? Say hi.

Justin Bieber: Let's go back, let's go back.

Interviewer: Say goodbye, say hi. Come on. Okay ladies…

Justin Bieber: There's guys.

Interviewer: …say goodbye to Justin Bieber. It's been so nice having you. It's nice to have this much commotion once in a while.

Justin Bieber: How you guys doing?

Interviewer: His single is available on iTunes, yesterday. You can check it right now, go download it.

Justin Bieber: Okay, you ready?

Interviewer: Thank you sweetheart.

Justin Bieber: I'mma sign some of these.

Interviewer: Yeah, you can sign. I'll hold this. [grabs his microphone] Still on the way, Tom Felton from Harry Potter and right now (?) finds out if a guy can cast a spell, what would he cast? Let's take a look.

Fans: [shouting Justin]