NRJ (NRJ is an acronym read as énergie in French) is a private radio station operated in 1995.

2015 Edit

On September 23 2015 Justin was on NRJ Finland. During the interview fans were able to submit questions to Justin Bieber.

Interview Edit

What superhero you would like to be? That's a good one. If I could be any superhero. I would either be... I wanna fly. I probably want to freeze people. So probably Superman. He's got a lot of superpowers and cool stuff.[1]

What is Justin's favorite perfume? Oh my favorite perfume. I really like Cologne by Yves Saint Laurent... I really like their new stuff.[2]

What is the funniest thing beliebers have ever done? The funniest thing beliebers have ever done is probably hiding in a trash can come try to find me.[3]