"No Reason" is an unreleased song by Post Malone featuring Kanye West and Justin Bieber. MusicMafia uploaded a snippet on June 25, 2017. The song was already bought.

Lyrics Edit

Justin Bieber
She make you wanna bow down, oh yeah
Ooh I'm feeling like I've lost it now
Got me running like a faucet now
Tell them there's a new boss in town
Girl, I'm feelin' like I'm lost and found
Cause I'm so up and down

Post Malone
Count a hundred bands
Watch it swerve on the street
Count a hundred bands
Will I know
Know no me

Kanye West
100 years from now
We gone all be dead
All be dead

(?) ..come I'm gon' get you (hah)
(?) ..with the low life
I'm ..see my whole life
100 years..

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