When you hit rock bottom, you have nowhere to go but Up.

Nowhere But Up is a book by Pattie Mallette (the mother of Justin Bieber) where she tells her story. The book came out in 2012.

In Nowhere but Up, Pattie Mallette shares for the first time in detail about the pain and abandonment she experienced as a child, the severe depression she wrestled with as a teen, the sexual abuse she suffered for years, the deep struggles she faced as a single mom, and the faith she’s learned to cling to through dark times. With raw honesty, she spills the truth about a lifetime of moments that were punctuated by pain yet permeated with grace—and the journey that’s brought her to where she is today.

You may know her only as Justin Bieber’s mom, but Pattie Mallette has an incredible life story of her own. Her story will inspire you to believe that everything broken can be made whole again, that there are no lost causes, and that even in the darkest of places, there is hope.


You can read short excerpts from the book here:

Nowhere But Up (Teen Edition)

Nowhere But Up

Nowhere But Up (Spanish)


Official website

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