Singles Edit

Album Launch Event Edit

On the release date of the album there was an event in the Staples Center (+2 extra shows).

World Premiere of Justin's short dance film "Purpose,"
Special Guest Appearances & A Live Q&A

Purpose: The Movement Edit

Justin's short dance film

Twitter Edit

The PR team, in collaboration with Twitter, launched hashtags with custom emojis (called hashflags) for Justin's album release.

#MarkMyWords MarkMyWords hashflag
#IllShowYou IllShowYou hashflag
#WhatDoYouMean WhatDoYouMean hashflag
#Sorry SORRY hashflag
#LoveYourself LoveYourself hashflag
#Company Company hashflag
#NoPressure NoPressure hashflag
#NoSense NoSense hashflag
#TheFeeling TheFeeling hashflag
#LifeIsWorthLiving LifeIsWorthLiving hashflag
#WhereAreUNow WhereAreUNow hashflag
#Children Children hashflag
#Purpose Purpose hashflag

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