Justin' Bieber's Purpose Pro is a game to promote his Purpose album.

Description Edit

Join Justin on his Purpose Tour around the world Edit

Skate around the world as Justin Bieber while you stream his new album 'Purpose' on Spotify!

Bonuses Edit

  • "Get Used To It" - Scored 10,000 in Venice, LA - Justin celebrates his number 1 single!
  • "No Pressure" - Get a combo of at least 12 Tricks in Venice, LA - Justin meets Floyd Mayweather
  • "Mark My Words" - Score 12,000 points in Sydney - Justin Skateboarding - part 1
  • "I'll Show You" - Get a combo of at least 16 tricks in Sydney - Justin Skateboarding - part 2

Characters Edit

Stream on Spotify to unlock characters.

Characters pass by while you skate. You can't play as a character.

Maps Edit

Venice, LA
Venice, LA

Spotify members can unlock this level

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