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Interviewer: Bieber, say hi across America!

Justin: What's up America

Interviewer: I had Skrillex with me last weekend. And you know what Skrillex says about you?

Justin: (laughs) What?

Interviewer: He says you're fricking good at everything!

Justin: Come on man, not everything.

Interviewer: And then we started talking about water jets and balance drift boards.

Justin: That's funny, Skrillex is a good man.

Interviewer: These water jets, they look so fricking dangerous. What's the deal with it? Are those tough?

Justin: They're a little tough. You just have to get your balance right. It's just about holding your legs really still or really stiff. It's not that hard. I've seen little kids do it so I'm sure you could do it.

Interviewer: Ok, well what about the common man like myself who wasn't gifted with the super Bieber genetics?!

Justin: (laughs) I don't think it would take you long man.

Interviewer: He also told me that you've got that hover drif board down like on lock, is that true?

Justin: Yeah well we whenever we're around each other we kinda have these little competition where we just do little tricks and try to one-up each other. So it's just a friendly competition.

Interviewer: Alright, good to have you back on the air. We haven't talked in a while. Last time you were in the building I was on vacation, we didn't get to hookup.

Justin: No worries, man

Interviewer: I want you to hit me straight right now. Are you nervous or relaxed trying to achieve your first number one record coming up this week?

Justin: Not really, I think that if it happens, it happens. But if it doesn't, it doesn't. But It's not about what happens right away, it's about the longevity of my career. I just want to have a good long career.

Interviewer: Right, exactly. So you're not sitting back and sweating it? Like a lot of artists coming here and they actually do!

Justin: Yeah, I think that that just takes away from being able to be excited about the process. You know what, this is what I put my heart and soul into. Just to have you guys' support. You guys have always supported me since the get go. Just to know that you guys are still rocking with us just means a lot man.

Interviewer: What's going on with 'Sorry'?

Justin: Sorry is actually gonna be the next single. I'm super pumped about it. I worked really hard on it. I think we could maybe possibly get another number 1 too hopefully.

Interviewer: What was your reaction when you heard 1D was dropping their album the same date as your album, November 13? What did you think of that?

Justin: I'm just looking forward to idk. I'm tryna be political here. I'm not really worrying. I wanna stick political. (laughs)

Interviewer: Yeah, I got ya, I got ya. The album artwork. Break that down for me.

Justin: We stepped out to Retna. He had a prior relationship with Usher. So that connection happened, and we got in. There was some discrepancies between the two of us, we got in a little bit of an argument but everything worked out in the end and we got the album cover so it's pretty awesome.

Interviewer: What about the hieroglyphics, what is that behind you? What's up with all that? Can you break that down for us?

Justin: It says purpose. You can kinda see it. It's all just reading purpose in that language. That's actual paint on my chest too. So he painted over my chest and he painted over the actual art once we started taking the picture because it just added this cool 3D component. It's pretty epic.

Interviewer: Yeah, who collaborates with you on some of these genius ass marketing ideas? For example the entire music industry getting together, throwing up that 'What Do You Mean?' sign, all those signs, leading up to the release... And then for the purpose cover art piece by piece on Instagram until all nine puzzle pieces aligned together to show for the first time the entire album artwork... Are these your ideas or?

Justin: There's a marketing team that we have. Scooter's heavily involved with that. It's getting people excited, that's all we wanna do. Get the people pumped up about the release.

Interviewer: What about the bracelets you wear. Where do you buy most of your stuff, all your bracelets that you wear? I'm a bracelet guy myself. I know we got a lot of people across the country sitting..

Justin: Yeah yeah yeah, I think just simple spots. Just being able to pick up a bracelet wherever you go and add them up and have about 6 to 10 on your wrist. I think it's just a cool thing and then you have those memories of those times. It doesn't need to be expensive; most of those bracelets were like $10.

Interviewer: Oh really? Okay.

Justin: Oh yeah

Interviewer: How many bracelets on somebody before they start looking like an idiot? Like me, I got like 3 or 4 bracelets and I'm thinking okay if I go five, six bracelets I'm kinda looking like I'm trying too hard.

Justin: (laughs) I think if you have the confidence to rock anything, then you can rock anything. But that's in my opinion.

Interviewer: Yeah I got, I used to live in studio city and I got a lot of friends that constantly see you at Sushi Dan's.

Justin: Oh yeah I love that spot.

Interviewer: What's your favorite plate at Sushi Dan's on Ventura Boulevard?

Justin: Probably the Danny roll.

Interviewer: Tell everyone what the Danny roll is.

Justin: I don't even know what's in it but it's awesome. I think they deep-fry some part of it, it's amazing.

Interviewer: Yeah okay, alright. Justin thank you for checking in. I want you to take your time. Talk to the females, talk to the fellas. Your new fans, your old fans. What would you like to leave on?

Justin: I would just leave on saying.. So I'm gonna take my time, so I'm gonna take my time. I think there's always room for growth and there's always room for second chances but if you don't give yourself the second chance then I don't know if others will give you that second chance. So you’ve gotta fight for it and yeah be smart. Focus on things that you guys love and are passionate about and be good to people. And I'm here to give you guys music that you can rock to and just enjoy and that's it. I also would enjoy you guys coming to my concert because it's a fun show. We put on a hell of a show.

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Sean "Hollywood" Hamilton's Lost Justin Bieber Interview

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