"Set a Place At Your Table" is a song by Justin Bieber. The song was produced for a CD to raise money for the local food bank. The Christmas CD was never sold online. Justin sang 2 songs and the rest are sung by other great talented local kids. The other song is 'Someday at Christmas'.



Things seemed strange this morning
As I packed my bag for school
The smiles I'm used to seeing just weren't there
I heard my father talking
To my mother down the hallway
Above the whispers all that I could hear... was

Set a place at the table for someone who might need it
Set a place at the table for someone to sit down and eat
Kick their shoes off, put their feet up
Forget about their troubles for awhile
There's a place at your table
There's a little hope for you and i

i was feeling kinda helpless
About the words that I just heard
Could it be the family 2 doors down?
They said a couple months of bad luck
Had them up against the wall
And though it may seem small
i know there's something i can do


Make room at your table for your friends and family
Take the time to share your day and just laugh talk and eat


..There's a little hope for you and I