Shay Misuraca was Justin's first girlfriend. The relationship lasted 2 years, it ended when Justin had to leave Stratford for Atlanta.


Shay was Justin’s first love but he later on realized that Selena Gomez was actually his first love, and they dated for a little over 2 years when he lived in Stratford, Ontario, Canada. They dated before he became famous. Justin’s career was taking a big turn when he landed a record deal with Usher, so he had to move to the United States

Justin and Shay tried to stay in touch after he moved. He invited her to his Never Say Never movie premiere in 2011. Justin bought Shay, Chaz Somers and a few of his other Canadian friends a limo to take them to the premiere in Toronto, Canada. Shay is friends with Ryan Butler and Chaz still as they live in the same neighborhood. Whenever Justin's in town, Shay is with all of them. They hung out a lot during the winter of 2010/2011 when Justin was on Christmas break.

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