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Speaking in Tongues is an unreleased song by Justin Bieber and is used in the intro of Justin Bieber: Never Say Never.

Audio Edit


Speaking in tongues, yabba dabba dabba da da Volia
Im killin this caca
Call up Lady Gaga, on my, on my telephone
Hella dome, yeah, my girl beats, no metronome
My new chick, she a yellowbone

I buy her yellow stone, cause I like it when she got that yellow on
So Im a raptor, tearin it up like a tractor
Matter fact, I'm killin this track, you're a slacker
Sack like a sacker, hello Mr. Brady
Tell 'im leave his hair to the guy who sings "Baby"
Baby, come and try to save me

Lately, I've been hearing these things that sound crazy
Like.. Speaking in tongues
All right, stop, drop and roll, Justin Bieber is on fire
Its time to realize its time to call me Young Sire
You're the seller, Im the buyer

You're the teller, and Im hired
Im higher than the highest point, yes, I am flyer
And Im wired to the game, stay dry when it rains
Im tired of the fame, are you proud of the pain?
Yes, were the same, yes, Im insane
And my mane hangs down znc my puppet got strings
I murdered that,
Mane, Shawty Mane! Shawty Mane, what you doin Shawty Mane?
I'm Justin Bieber

You guys might know me as the guy you know who sings "Baby"
You know, uh, Im a singer, pop singer
I'm white (I'm white, I'm white)
But, um, I just wanted to do this just to prove that, you know
I got skills, on, on, on the rap game
So, yeah
What up JulKeyz
Yo, I killed that
Aight, peace.

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