"Spontaneous Worship" is a song Justin sang on his Kidrauhl account but the video is now private.

Video Edit

Lyrics Edit

Woahh hohoo
Jesus yaye
Spread your
Spread your wing and fly over me

I need you
Yes I do
I want your love
I need your love now Jesus
Yes I do
Put your mercy
Put your mercy on me Jesus
Yayayeh yayeh

I will pour my heart out to you
I will share my heart with you
All I want in return Lord is your love
Mm Jesus
I want you to be there
I want you to love me
Yes I do
Yes I do
I love you more than words could imagine
Yayeh Yeehee

I want you to be a father figure
In my life Lord Jesus
I need you
Yesayes I do

I need you more than anything or anyone could want
Yes I do
Ohhhh yes I do Lord
Pour your mercy on me Jesus
Yes I want you more than anything
Ohhh yes

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