Stratford Northwestern Public School is a Middle school in Stratford, Ontario, Canada.

Justin Bieber attended Grades 7 & 8. This school is where Justin’s favorite teachers were Miss Booker and Mr. Monteith.

In 2011 Justin donated a single purple (7.5 size) Nike sneaker to this school. The singular shoe sold on eBay for $5,500 USD. The money from the auction helped Justin Bieber’s former school raise money for a broadcasting and communications studio.

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  • Justin turned up at school one day in a limo after he became well-known online.
  • Justin autographed his locker in school but the cleaners thought it was graffiti so they washed it off.

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7th grade basketball

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7th grade Ping Pong

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7th grade soccer

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7th grade chess

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  • Justin failed math in 8th grade.

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Yearbook picture Eighth Grade

N (nickname): Biebs[1]

A (activity): singing, dancing

M (memorable moment): meeting Usher

P (pet peeve): school

G (future Goal): to become famous

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Floor: Jamie Wilson

Front: Chris Leonard, Tyler Strawbridge, Cam Oliver, Nolan Murray, Kirk Lamb, Justin Bieber

Back: Isaiah Detering, Eric Bonn, Alan King, Kyle Parkes, Jordan McConkey, Kyle Freeland, David Langford, Mr. Flood

Stratford Northwestern Secondary School soccer

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  • Kirk Lamb
  • Cameron Watt
  • Hal Foster
  • Jordan McConkey
  • Alex Khanthavong
  • Alan King
  • Kyle Parkes
  • Robbie Gibson
  • Mitchell Snow
  • Justin Bieber
  • Mr. Monteith
8th grade basketball huskies

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