Stratford Star (also called Stratford Idol) is a singing contest in Kiwanis Community Centre. It’s kinda like American Idol. Once you pass the auditions, you sing every week against other kids, and then judges vote you off and stuff until there’s only three left. The contest was from twelve to eighteen and was held from December 19, 2006 to January 27, 2007 at the Kiwanis Community Centre. The first prize was a microphone and a session in a recording studio.

Justin was 12 when he entered Stratford Star. He paid 2 dollars to enter. Justin placed third, although for years he thought he had come in second.

Trivia Edit

  • Justin asked Ryan to come to his Stratford idol competition and so he went and saw it.
  • Kate, Jeremy’s mom, lived a five-hour plane ride away and wasn’t able to come to the competition but Justin had the idea to put his videos on YouTube and made kidrauhl.


Justin was super confident when he performed 'Respect'. He danced around the stage, chanted "Come on" in between the lines and played an invisible saxophone along with the music. The only thing that went wrong was that he dropped the microphone at one point in the performance, but he just picked it up and carried on.

Finale Edit

Gallery Edit

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