The Justin Bieber Benefit Concert poster

The poster reads "L8ON and Swancore productions have come together to present The Justin Bieber Benefit Concert." Soltys was L8ON and McKay was Swancore.

The Justin Bieber Benefit Concert was a concert to raise $5,000 for Justin's own drum kit, hosted by the coffee shop on July 19, 2002.

Tickets were $5 and the concert included performances by Bigger Than Vegas, The Dan Shantz Band and Genevieve Cyr, but the highlight of the night was a group called Miles Beyond which featured Soltys, Miles Peart, Sean Blute, Doug Wilson - and Justin Bieber. Bieber sat in for four songs and played the drums in lieu of Wilson.

Like the concert the year before, the organizers raised enough seed money to start a music career. "We raised $1,800 and we bought Justin a set of Yamaha drums from the Carpenter Shop and paid for some music lessons," said McKay. "I think the drums are still in his grandparents' garage."

Madam Ts is long gone. In fact, the Kent Hotel burned down, but that concert was such a critical part of Bieber's rise to fame that it was mentioned in the Bieber biopic "Never Say Never" along with a shot of the poster.

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