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2010 Edit

Episode: The World's Most Talented Kids


Oprah: This today show is for everybody who ever sung into the mirror pretended that their hairbrush was a microphone and imagine singing on stage to millions, you know who you are. Today you'll see how two young people who had those same dreams made them come true in a big big way.

Four years ago he was just a typical 12 year old boy until his mom took a little home video and posted that on YouTube and look what happened.

People magazine says 16-year old Justin Bieber is the biggest pop star on earth, causing (?) wherever he goes. Justin (?) young fans and their moms into a screaming (?).

Born in a small town in Ontario, Canada. He grew up in public housing with his young single mom Pattie. Justin started playing the drums when he was 2 years old and later picked up the piano, guitar and trumpet. When he was 12, Justin entered a local singing contest and came in second. A few days later his mom posted videos of the event on YouTube which led to more and more YouTube videos.

That's when Bieber Mania began. Millions around the world took notice, including Usher and Justin Timberlake who fought over who would sign the rising new talent.

Usher: His voice had a very unique richness. That was some very organic about his talent. He had confidence, he had a certain ring for soul in his voice and it was all him.

Oprah: Usher introduced Justin to legendary producer L.A. Reid who signed him on the spot.

L.A. Reid: He had the Beatles hair, (?) of Michael Jackson. He has the talent of Elvis Presley.

Oprah: Justin seems to be everywhere these days, Saturday Night Live, Jimmy Fallon and at the top of the record chart with his latest album My World 2.0.


This is our first time meeting, what a pleasure.

Justin: OMG, this is pretty amazing

Oprah: I wish just saying to all of your fans here and the rest of the world that you were 12 years old. You were just an ordinary guy singing in your bedroom. Your mom posted on YouTube and now all of this. Have you adjusted?

Justin: Some way, it's been pretty crazy coming from like a little town in Canada and now being able to travel and do what I love, it's amazing

Oprah: Did you dream of this happening to you?

Justin: You know, some way I was from (like I said before) a little town in Canada, just posting videos online just for fun. I never really thought it was possible. So you know, I never really dreamed of it.

Oprah: You didn't have a dream of it, so why were you posting the videos online?

Justin: It was just something I loved to do, once I started doing that I realized this is what I was meant to do.

Oprah: So who actually made the call? Did you get a call from Justin Timberlake or from Usher?

Justin: Yeah we were getting calls from a bunch of different like managements, my mom didn't really what was going on.

Oprah: If it was real.

Justin: Exactly. She didn't know if it was real, what is was and finally she got a call from this guy named Scooter.

Oprah: Pattie, Justin's mom is here. Pattie, I can understand if someone named Scooter called you that might cause a little suspicion right? So what did you think?

Pattie: I didn't know what to think, I know that he was really persistent, this is Scooter.

Oprah: Well tell me this, do you worry about Justin growing up now in all of this?

Pattie: Absolutely, but he's got such a great team of people around and like he's got Scooter and that team around us is, they're protecting his character and to treat him like a kid and make sure he (you know) he has fun, stage grounded.

Oprah: But also Justin, don't you find that once you become famous and particularly when you're famous and you're paying a lot of people's salaries. Everybody around you tends to say what you want them to say, what they think you want to hear. Do you worry about who you can trust?

Justin: Yeah, for sure. We're really skeptical who we let in our team and (you know) we really have a small team and we really like. You know we just have fun. We growing kinda like a family. And (you know) it's been incredible.

Oprah: And what do you do to keep your kidness?

Justin: My kidness? We're trying to take off at least one day a week just for me to be a regular kid. Go play basketball, hang out with my friends. Just do what I like to do and sometimes for that day I just sleep all day because the six days before them is exhaustive.

Oprah: And what has been the coolest part for you? What has been the thing that is really surprised you the most? Or made you the happiest about out all of this?

Justin: I got to perform for president Obama. That's probably at the top of the things that I've done.

Oprah: That's pretty cool. And so when you look out your sitting on stage or you're looking out your balcony window and the girls are just like screaming and crying and crying and falling. I heard it in Australia recently that, it was in Australia that had to shut down and people had to be hospitalized. When you look out and you see that, what do you think?

Justin: It's pretty hard to (?), like everything is kind of surreal. Like all my fans are really supportive like on Twitter and everything. I'm just really glad that I get to do what I love

Oprah: Do you think, why they are crying and fading?

Justin: I have no clue. I don't know what it is.

Oprah: You don't know what it is? I think it has something to do with you.