The Tonight Show with Jay Leno is an American late-night talk show hosted by Jay Leno that initially aired from May 25, 1992 to May 29, 2009, and resumed production on March 1, 2010 until its ending on February 6, 2014.

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Jay Leno: Alright my first guest one of the most popular singers in the world. Nominated for two Grammy awards in next months ceremony and on Friday February 11th, he stars in his very first movie, it's called: "Justin Bieber: Never Say Never". Please welcome Justin Bieber.

Jay Leno: Good to see you

Justin: Good to see you

Jay Leno: New look, new haircut!

Justin: Not really new haircut, just kind of like, my face a little bit. Alright.

Jay Leno: A little scruffier

Justin: Thank you

Jay Leno: Hey, congratulations on the two Grammy nominations

Justin: Thank you so much, I’m really excited

Jay Leno: Now tell me, tell me the categories

Justin: Umm the categories are: Best New Artist,

Jay Leno: Okay

Justin: And Best Pop Vocal

Jay Leno: Oh, that’s great, that’s good. So how do you find out, did you know ahead of time, do you watch it on TV, same as everybody else.

Justin: No, I watched it on TV, like everyone else

Jay Leno: That’s gotta be a little nerve racking?

Justin: It was, I was ahhhhh, I hope, I hope I get it, I hope I get it, and then they said my name, and I was like – that’s awesome

Jay Leno: So where were you when you heard it?

Justin: I was in London

Jay Leno: So okay, it must of been like 4 in the morning

Justin: It was really really late, we stayed up all night

Jay Leno: You guys stayed up all night, very cool, very cool. Now there is a picture of you on Twitter.

Justin: Yeah.

Jay Leno: Explain this now, did you bump into Mike Tyson, what happened here?

Justin: (laughs) No, that was CSI. I played this like really, like a bad kid who like kills a lot of people and like...

Jay Leno: Right, that would be a bad kid

Justin: Yeah.

Jay Leno: That's a bad kid.

Justin: That's a bad kid and so I kill a lot of people and like, I steal like my, the my, kind of like my dad’s credit cards..

Jay Leno: Right.

Justin: ..and like he hits me so.

Jay Leno: Is this – I saw you – I saw you on CSI and you were like this nice kid, and then at the end you were kind of – the last scene you were like, (evil laugh) you were really evil.

Justin: Yeah.

Jay Leno: And oh, and then I watch it next week and what happened, where, so now you're coming back.

Justin: Yeah now it's the second episode.

Jay Leno: Okay.

Justin: And it's gonna be airing, yeah, on the 14th.

Jay Leno: You like acting? It's a lot of waiting around

Justin: Yeah, it's a lot of waiting around, but like, I like it, it's like a cool new thing for me.

Jay Leno: I know, but it's different, you know 'cause when you perform you get the crowd, when you act, they go, that’s very good we are going to do it again.

Justin: Yeah.

Jay Leno: You know, there's no like: "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh"! They don’t scream.

Justin: No.

Jay Leno: You miss that, you miss that.

Justin: Yeah like, I mean I love singing, singing is definitely my first passion, like my fans I love just the energy of being on stage.

Jay Leno: See your kind of, you like the road, a lot of performers don’t like the road, I love it, you like it too, don’t you?

Justin: Yeah.

Jay Leno: Yeah, 'cause when I was your age, the road,

Justin: Long time ago.

Jay Leno: I was pickin' up – ya, yah.

Audience: (laughs)

Jay Leno: The roads weren't even paved, that's how bad, that's how bad the road was.

Justin: They were still driving in wood cars.

Audience: (laughs)

Jay Leno: They were still driving in wood cars, that’s right, that’s correct. Well, you, let me see, I was 19 when I first performed. You were like, 8, something like that?

Justin: No, when I first started perform – like – I first performed I was 12.

Jay Leno: 12.

Justin: Yeah.

Jay Leno: Okay, 'cause you used to perform outside theaters.

Justin: Yeah, I used to perform on the streets.

Jay Leno: Okay.

Justin: Like, put down my guitar case and play and people would throw money, like yeah, it was pretty cool.

Jay Leno: Was it cool, have you ever met any mean people?

Justin: Any mean people?

Jay Leno: I mean just people like kick the case or something?

Justin: People. No! No one has ever kicked my case. No but I've had people like uh – there's people who just walk by and aren't interested but that's just like whatever.

Jay Leno: We have footage when you were 12, look at it, take a look, here.

Audience: (claps)

Jay Leno: Now what was – what was your biggest tip?

Justin: My biggest tip?

Jay Leno: Your biggest tip, you got?

Justin: Ah, someone threw in a 100 dollars bill

Jay Leno: A hundred dollar bill?

Justin: (nods) Yeah.

Jay Leno: Yeah, but that’s Canadian! So that’s like $35.

Justin: Yea, it was only like.

Jay Leno: 100 Dollar bill, that’s pretty good!

Justin: Yup, the most that I ever got one night was like, I got $500, like, for one night of playing.

Jay Leno: $500?!

Justin: Yeah.

Jay Leno: That’s a lot of money, $500, that’s a lot of money wow. And how long would you be out there?

Justin: Like, 2 hours. Because what happens

Jay Leno: 500 bucks for 2 hours, this whole audience is gonna be out in the street tomorrow

Justin: What happened is like, I play my guitar and it was outside of a Festival so new people were coming in – coming – each week so it's like new people, so like, they come early, and I'm out there, and they'll stand outside before they go in.

Jay Leno: You got $500 and you say to mom when you get home – I got $40, no. What do you, what’s the first thing you buy? What did you buy with that tip money?

Justin: Well, with the tip money, I actually took my mom on a vacation to Florida.

Jay Leno: Oh, that’s pretty good.

Justin: Yeah.

Jay Leno: Yah, that’s good, yeah, awwwwww, that's, that's very nice, I rolled my mom's car, that's what I did. Good, we'll talk some more, be right back Justin, right after.

- Commercial -

Jay Leno: Talking with Justin Bieber now, and you're a hockey player, you're Canadian you have to play hockey! That's the law.

Justin: Yeah, yeah.

Jay Leno: That's the law.

Justin: By law you have to play hockey.

Jay Leno: That's it, that's it. Here you are in a hockey uniform, here, take a look.

Justin: Aww

Jay Leno: There you go! You not suppose to go aww, when he's in a hockey uniform, your suppose to go argh!

Justin: Argh!

Jay Leno: Alright, exactly! Are you a good hockey player?

Justin: I was, I was, yeah! I was pretty – I think I was pretty good!

Jay Leno: Yeah, yeah.

Justin: But I got in a lot of fights, though.

Jay Leno: You got into a lot of fights?

Justin: Yeah.

Jay Leno: Really?

Justin: Yeah.

Jay Leno: Now, why, were you a troubled child, why?

Justin: No, I mean, just like – I’m just really rough!

Jay Leno: Yeah.

Justin: When I’m playing hockey.

Jay Leno: Yeah, so, very aggressive player

Justin: Yeah, but you know what's even worse the parents are even worse! Like, like they get in fights in the crowd, one time, and like, the police had to come, 'cause the parents were getting into altercations.

Jay Leno: And that’s a bad role model, yeah. Have you ever ride the Zamboni? Have you ever do that?

Justin: (shakes head) nuh huh

Jay Leno: Now, see, that’s what I’ve done, now I have something on you

Justin: I really want to ride a Zamboni, really bad

Jay Leno: I can set it up!

Justin: Okay.

Jay Leno: Yeah.

Justin: You got people, you know some people.

Jay Leno: I’ll make, I’ll make a phone.

Justin: You know people.

Jay Leno: Actually I know a Zamboni!

Justin: Oh, you know

Jay Leno: I met the

Justin: You that guy?

Jay Leno: I met the family, there is a guy Zamboni and their kids,. No, look, you look at me like you don’t believe me, now, this.

Justin: No, guy, there’s no guy named Zamboni!

Jay Leno: There is a guy named Zamboni!

Justin: Who names their kid Zamboni?

Audience: (laughs)

Jay Leno: No, his last name is Zamboni!

Justin: Is he, like, what, like.

Jay Leno: It's a real, family, this man, invented the Zamboni and his descendants, his kids, keep the business going.

Justin: Oh.

Jay Leno: See.

Justin: I learn something new everyday.

Jay Leno: I'll make a phone call and take you for a ride, then.

Justin: Okay

Jay Leno: So, so when your on the road, what do you do on downtime, what do you do?

Justin: Ah, when I'm on downtime, I mean, I'm just a regular 16 year old, I just like hang out with my friends, go bowling, play basketball,

Jay Leno: Yeah, play basketball, I heard you play, did you play with Shaq and Kobe?

Justin: Yeah.

Jay Leno: Now, how did you that? Don’t tell me you beat 'em?

Justin: No, I didn’t, I didn’t!

Jay Leno: (laughs)

Justin: But I’m.

Jay Leno: How big is Shaq?

Justin: Shaq is huge I like crawl through his legs! I play basketball, I go through his legs, and go.

Jay Leno: You know, he gave me one of his shoes, it's like, it's like this big.

Justin: He has size like 23.

Jay Leno: Yeah, it's a 22 triple E or something like that.

Justin: Yeah.

Jay Leno: You also went to the Golden Globes.

Justin: Yeah.

Jay Leno: Okay, who did you met there, was that kind of cool?

Justin: Yeah, I met a lot of cool people. I met Angelina Jolie.

Jay Leno: Oh, very good.

Justin: Yeah, I also met, ah, Hailee Steinfeld.

Jay Leno: Very pretty girl.

Justin: She's ah, she’s really nice.

Jay Leno: Did you see her in that movie?

Justin: She's really talented. I haven't seen the movie yet!

Jay Leno: So what do you think she's kind of cute?

Justin: I think she's cute, yeah.

Jay Leno: That's as far as it goes?

Audience: (laughs)

Justin: I think she's like, she's young though, right?

Jay Leno: She's young! She's your age exactly!

Justin: No she's not, no she's not. She's like 14

Jay Leno: No she's not, I think she's like 15

Justin: No she's not, she's 14, I'll be 17 in less than a month!

Jay Leno: Okay

Justin: 3

Jay Leno: Now, how about this, Vanity Fair, this is pretty cool (shows Justin's cover), now who's, now how do they put those on, does someone actually kiss you, or that's put on with a?

Justin: They kissed me.

Jay Leno: Same person or different kisses?

Justin: Ah, it was the same person

Jay Leno: Same person, alright, not bad, their aim isn’t very good, but hey.

Justin: No, well, I think, no only this one is actually real

Jay Leno: Yeah.

Justin: That was actually,[points to the collar kiss lipstick], someone actually did that to my collar, I think they put..

Jay Leno: They added those.

Justin: ..those on with like computers.

Jay Leno: Okay, you know, it's a great article, talk about you mom.

Justin: That happens all the time.

Jay Leno: Tell me about your mom, your mom really makes them sacrifices (?). Tell us about your mom.

Justin: Yeah, my mommy means the world to me, she like gave up everything, she lived in Stratford my home town for like all of her life, and she moved with me and really just believed in me so, like, like, she’s awesome.

Jay Leno: Well we have photos of you as a baby, take a look, take a look. There they are.

Justin: She...

Jay Leno: You guys look like brother and sister.

Justin: My mom had me when she was – when she was 18.

Jay Leno: Wow.

Justin: So really young and so she really gave up everything for me.

Jay Leno: So your family’s still in Canada, right?

Justin: Yeah.

Jay Leno: Okay, so who do you miss, your grandparents are up there, right?

Justin: Yeah, my grandparents are up there, my dad, my brother and sister. I have a little brother and sister, my brother is, is like a year old, and my sister is like, 2 and a half.

Jay Leno: Okay

Justin: So they they are adorable, my little sister calls me "Bee-Ber" – she talks, I call, and I’m like, "Hi, how are you?" She’s like: "Bee-Ber Bee-Ber"!

Jay Leno: Well there you are.

Justin: Bee-Ber, I'm like "you know anything else to say?" "Bee-Ber"!

Jay Leno: Well congratulations on the new movie, I saw – it's really good! It's a documentary.

Justin: Thank you very much.

Jay Leno: And it follows you around and it's really very well done, 'cause I just learned a lot of things with the exception of putting pineapple on your pizza, I thought it was fantastic.

Justin: Pineapple on your pizza is good, you guys, don’t like that?

Audience: (screams)

Jay Leno: (shakes head)

Justin: Yes. Hawaiian!

Jay Leno: Don’t tell any Italian guys to put pineapple on your pizza, that's the only part of the movie that disturbed me. The rest of it is really good.

Justin: Okay

Jay Leno: No, it's just, tells, there's a lot of things about you, that I didn't know, it just tells a really nice story. We have a clip, what's the clip we’re gonna see, do you know what this clip is?

Justin: I don’t know what you're gonna play! But, play it.

Jay Leno: Okay

[Justin Bieber – Clip]

Scooter Braun: Every label said there is no platform for him, Justin was looking at me and when are we gonna do something? Hand to hand combat is what we did! We put Justin in a van, on airplanes, and just focused on what we had to do.

Q102: Hi, Q102 in the studio live.

Justin: What’s up guys!

Justin, what are you gonna sing for us right now?

Justin: I’m gonna sing One More Time.

Scooter Braun: There is not a DJ that can say that they have not met Justin Bieber and he won people over.

Wow that was nice man! Justin Bieber – do not forget us, bro! Don’t forget us!

Scooter Braun: He started Twittering, I'm gonna be at this radio station, I'm gonna be at this radio station. First 20 kids, then 40 kids, then 100 kids, then a couple of hundred kids started lining up outside of these radio stations to just get a glimpse of him and they started to play his records.

Jay Leno: Well Justin congratulations on your success, my friend your a good guy

Justin: Thank you.

Jay Leno: Justin Bieber, we'll be right back with Jay Mohr right after this. It opens on the 11th.

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