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Justin and Jeremy Bieber had a site.

About Justin Edit

A little bit about Justin....

Justin has been playing drums since he was two and started drum lessons at age 4. A few years ago a few local community members came together, and threw a fundraising event with local bands who volunteered their time to raise up enough money to buy him his very own Pearl Drum Kit.

He also loves many other areas of music. He writes own songs on the guitar and keyboards, and he loves to sing. He just finished in the top 3 of a local singing competition.

Other than music, he also loves to play sports. His favourites are hockey, soccer, and basketball. Breakdancing is also something else that he spends a great deal of time involved in. He was featured in a "breakdown" feature in Feed Magazine (a hip hop magazine available at Chapters etc.) He has a great heart and is a believer in Jesus Christ. Travel hockey and travel soccer take up alot of time but he still finds time for friends and music. Check out some video clips on - look up Justin Bieber!

Favorites Edit

Favourite movies: Dumb and Dumber, I spy, and Drumline

Favorite music: Craig David, Usher, Grits, Out of Eden, and Boys II Men

Hobbies Edit

Justin's hobbies include hockey, soccer, basketball, singing, breakdancing, beatboxing, drums, guitar, biking, skateboarding, friends and his girlfriend Amy!

YouTube Links Edit

Click on any of the links below to see a video of your choice. If you sign up for a free account at YouTube you can rate the videos and leave comments!

Pics Edit

Other Edit

Other pictures available but not on a certain page.

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